The Ultimate Gym Style Guide

With the arrival of the New Year, for most of us it’s the time to reflect on our lifestyles and strive to improve our health, work or relationships. Everyone knows the best catalyst to banish those January blues is to get fit!

If you plan on joining a gym or taking up a new hobby this month… this requires quality active essentials to power on through your workout.

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Here at MFM, we know how important it is to both look and feel good when training. You want to focus and feel confident, with comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear.

We have devised a cohesive style guide for you with a few ideas on what you can wear out and about during your fitness regime…

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Gym Shoes

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If its one of your New Year’s resolutions – like many – to join your local gym, you will need the bare essentials to get you through a new workout session. Starting from the feet upwards; trainers are the single most important factor when it comes to supporting your full body weight.

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Whether it’s highly active, strenuous or a more relaxed session you have planned, choosing trainers isn’t such a chore these days. With so many varying styles and brands available in the shops, the January sales have made it easy for you to make a fashionable statement and sensible decision.

sb koston mxgel lyte trainerdenim green

purple black okinisprint leather trainersgymm hugo boss


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What you choose to wear when training will significantly enhance or affect your commitment and performance. You want to be at your very best, holding focus and retaining energy where possible.

A worst-case scenario for any guy would be to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious – after all, at the gym it’s a hall full off mirrors so you want to do yourself a favour.

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With brand collaborations flying here, there and everywhere in the current fashion climate; looking stylish isn’t something difficult to achieve nowadays. And just because you’ll be sweating doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take charge of your look and what you opt to wear.

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The best advice would be ‘go with your gut’ – if it looks and feels silly when your in the changing rooms chances are if you wear those shorts in the gym you won’t be feeling relaxed and ready.

Have a look at these pieces to mix and match…

aeroloft giletzipped sweatshirtultra purple shorts

combat speed probasic sweatpantsblack tech pack


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So you’ve essentially got your workout attire sorted and your sneakers in check; but what about all your bits and bobs that come with a workout – where do those go?

If you’re a well-prepared and organised guy you’ll know not to forget your towel, shower and daily hair products. These all belong somewhere, ideally in a stylish gym bag.

gym 9

Any style of bag these days can be of use to hold these items but if you’re switched on you would know to choose something easy to carry, lightweight and that can’t resist a machine wash. Gone are the days of carrying home sweaty kit in your most favourite leather satchel – which you failed to pre-empt on your morning rush.

Check out these bare essentials to buy…

red jimbagleather zipped walletelite running socks

form 2 headphonesafter shave balmyellow wash bags

One Last Thing…

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Here at MFM we’d like to wish you a happy and healthy start to 2015; we hope you find the staples you need to fulfil the best workout yet. One of our tips is to shop around as much as possible and don’t be afraid to ask performance related questions about products. Enjoy your next session and if you have any recommendations on items, brands etc please comment and let us know – we love to hear your say.