The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Jeans

If there is one item in the male wardrobe that stands head and shoulders above the rest, it has to be jeans; show me a man who doesn’t own a pair and I’ll show you a liar. Or at least someone who has zero interest in their appearance.

Jeans are a mans best friend, they are versatile and sturdy and yet at the same time – and if worn correctly – can be highly fashionable and contemporary. And while we may have no scientific proof, us gents here at MFM believe jeans are probably worn more than other item of male clothing.

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However, while we all love denim, the way we wear it differs drastically – from super skinny to loose fitting, workwear inspired jeans, the cut, the wash, the price and the brand all effect what jeans we pull on and how we wear them.

Here are a few of our favourites and what to wear them with.

The Classic Jeans

Where else could we start but with those denim pioneers Levi’s; it may have been the French who invented denim but Mr Levi Strauss is the go-to man when it comes to making denim a world wide phenomenon. The classic 501 is slim without being tight and if an alien had just landed on earth these are the jeans we’d recommend to get them accustomed to denim – great fit, great price, great wash and cut. Job done.

dwr jacketsnorse niles tee

levis ct jeanschuck taylor

Sex & Drugs & Rock’N’Roll

The skinny jean, as the name aptly suggests, may not be for everyone but if you do happen to be skinny as a whippet then nothing apes the rock’n’roll star look quite as well as a pair of black skinny jeans. Not all of us can afford the Hedi Slimane Saint Laurent look but Swedish denim brand Nudie offer a great alternative with their Thinn Finn number. Leather jackets, Chelsea boots and basically anything else black and you’ll soon start believing you’re Keith Richards.

martin biker jacketblack roll tee

finn tight jeansblack chelsea

Mr Workwear Jeans

The old-school workwear look once favoured by those joining the Yukon gold rush has become something of a trend for East London hipsters in recent years. Key to this look is your choice of jeans so we suggest a wider fitting leg and most certainly raw, selvedge denim. The first time you wear these you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a leg brace but over time they will loosen and age like the finest of wines. Japanese brand Edwin (who produce their denim on the original Levi looms) offer a great range at a great price.

brown faux jacketred flannel shirts

edwin regular jeansbeckman boots

Trendsetter Jeans

Tellason, orSlow and Ironheart may not be names which come readily to mind but for any denim connoisseur – they’re an ever growing breed – these are the bread and butter for denim obsessive’s.  Taking denim to a whole new level by recreating classic styles and cuts, once you have tried on the or Slow Ivy League Slims they’ll be no turning back. They’re certainly not cheap but then quality and exclusivity never were.

julius overshirtstriped sunspel tee

orslow slim jeanssuperstar sneakers

The Middle Man

Navigating the path to finding which pair of jeans suits you best can be a hazardous task but with such an array of denim now on the market it’s easier than ever before. It also helps that tapered jeans are in, ensuring you needn’t go too baggy (MC Hammer) nor too tight (Axel Rose). The Scandinavians are a leading light in fashion and none more so than with their jeans. From Our Legacy to Han Kjobenhavn, ACNE to Cheap Monday, you name it, the Scandi’s do it.

two tone sweatshirteton collar shirts

first cut jeanhamburg germany

Buying a pair of jeans is easy; buying the right pair is the tricky part. Factors such as cut, wash,price and brand will all play a role in what jeans you decide upon but the overriding factor has to be your body shape – wear the wrong shape for your body and those people looking at you sauntering down the high-street will not be doing so in admiration.

Get yourself down to a good menswear store and get yourself fitted out with a proper pair of jeans from those in the know. Then, once you settled on ones you like you can shop on the internet all you like.