The Triwa SS14 Collection

Excitement can be expected among the well dressed when spring and summer come around. After a dark and gloomy winter of layering, (I’m not complaining, the more clothes the merrier) we are eager to add some colour to our look, and what better way than through some summer accessories.They can make a mans outfit and improve other aspects of your look.

With Triwa’s spring and summer collection this year, we have the perfect accessories to make you stand out from the crowd while looking ever so stylish in the meantime. Lets face it, nothing says cool elegance like rocking a pair of shades along with some wrist candy.


For those of you who dont know, Triwa is a company based in Sweden who specialises in watches and sunglasses. The inspiration for this collection comes from the short vivid summers in Sweden, where the people uncharacteristically become more colourful with their fashion. It brings you light, comfortable watches which will feel easily adjusted to the wrist. The wristbands are of great quality and the overall design is well thought out. Like most people, you’re probably thinking that a timepiece of this quality would put you bankrupt… But best of all, they’re easy on the wallet which always helps.


When it comes to the shades in this marvellous collection, they’re simple, understated yet chic. Triwa stick to their principles of sunglasses in the collection, with classic cuts, contemporary detailing and silhouettes which flatter your features. As we know, when it comes to choosing what sunglasses to wear, it’s absolutely vital that you pick the correct pair to match your face shape and it’s features. Luckily with this versatile collection there are a variety of different bold shapes to suit everyone. Triwa have also played around with vibrant colours and designs for those of you who are of the adventurous kind. Each frame is precisely fitted, polished and full protection of your eye’s is a guarantee, but they also (more notably) look undeniably amazing.


As men don’t have as much choice when it comes to accessories, it’s nice to see Triwa add more flamboyance to the way we look. Now all we need is a bit of sun to kick off this hopefully radiant season. One things for sure, you will definitely be shining with any piece from this collection.

The full collection can be shopped now at Triwa.