The Top Tech We All Need – How to Upgrade Your WFH Set-up

By Edward Lemont

As WFH becomes the new normal, and in most cases longer than anticipated, it’s time to up your WFH game with some of the best innovations to not only make us all look great on Zoom calls but on a more serious note ensure we’re not causing long-term posterior issues by leaning over our laptops at our kitchen tables.

So without further ado, here’s MFM’s top suggestions for upgrading your WFH set-up.

  1. Eco Wooden Laptop Stand with Phone holder – £29.99 from Etsy 

This clever laptop stand will raise your laptop to eye level, meaning you can sit back and type with your tailbone extended, sitting tall. It also houses your phone underneath, so everything is in one place looking super sleek.

Photo credit: Etsy

  1. LOGITECH HD Webcam C270 – £29.99 from Currys 

Unless you have a top of the range laptop, chances are you’re not going to have the best built-in camera. They say that first impressions count, so for £29.99 upgrade to a 720p camera, offering a wider perspective and with its built-in microphone, improved and clearer audio out – It will make you look super sharp!

Photo credit: Currys

  1. Smoovie Ring Light 6 Inch with Chrome Tripod – £9.99 from Ryman

Working from a poorly lit space? Invest in this six-inch ring light at under £10 to bring your room to life and in the words of Rihanna “Shine bright like a diamond” – If the ring light is good enough for beauty vloggers, it’s good enough for us!

Image credit: Ryman

  1. Lumie Vitamin L – Slim Light Box Desk Lamp – £75 from John Lewis

Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) often felt around January with this Lumie Vitamin L – Slim Light Box Desk Lamp. Set it up next to your laptop to lift your mood throughout the day to create the perfect harmonised working environment. 

Image credit: John Lewis 

  1. Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector – from £29.99 from Ocushield 

Proven to improve sleep and protect your eyes, an anti-blue light screen protector is an absolute essential, when looking at our screens for up to nine hours per day (and more in some cases). These top of the range protectors have taken years of research to perfect and for every sale, Ocyshield will donate £1 to RNIB Sight Loss Charity. 

Image credit: Ocushied  

  1. Amazon Echo 8 – from £89.99 from Amazon

Finally, upgrade your Alexa experience to a more visual one, with the Amazon Echo 8 Show. As well as offering an excellent sounding Bluetooth speaker, The Echo 8 Show keeps you abreast of the news, with regular updates, keep you updated on your Amazon orders progress and can voice control your smart home.

Photo Credit: Amazon