Vest tops, tank tops, sleeveless shirts, whatever you want to call them, attitudes are changing, as there can still be lingering social stereotypes surrounding men wearing vest tops. Not everybody is up to wafting past meat-sweaty armpits, as sleeveless tops may be associated with a lack of sophistication or perceived as overly casual. And although you may think you’re John Travolta back in the day, some girls may simply have different tastes when it comes to the way you dress. While some girls may have personal reasons for finding vest tops unattractive, and to view vest tops as unappealing, you can’t generalise that all girls are universally turned off by them.

So the topic of guys wearing vest tops, or tank tops has been turned on its head, you back in the day when yes, they were actually vest tops, you know when your Grandad always wore them on the beach, or just always around the house, big baggy vest tops and always white, well grey-ish. And now these plain undergarments, that were once called slobbish have now been reimagined in premium good quality materials, and even more flattering styles albeit they still are vests, and almost acceptable as a sleeveless t-shirt.

But are there ”rules” about wearing or pulling off a vest top? Body image when you’re wearing a top is paramount to how you are perceived, and if you do have body image concerns, some men may feel self-conscious about their physique and those who are uncomfortable exposing their arms or shoulders due to personal body image issues may prefer to opt for sleeved shirts. Let’s be honest, unless you have a body of a God, anything less just won’t do. The ’suns out guns out’ staple is certainly a tricky piece of menswear because the line between great and gross is a very fine line.

One golden rule of showing skin should only be done in moderation. In short; the amount of skin you’re showing really shouldn’t exceed the square inches covered by your vest top. And one thing you should never ever do, is no peeking nipples – ever. Ultimately, the acceptability of men wearing vest tops in the 20-50 age range during the summer will vary based on personal preference, cultural context, and specific occasions. It’s essential to consider the environment, dress codes, and social norms when deciding whether to wear a vest top. It’s always a good idea to dress appropriately for the occasion while prioritising comfort and personal style.

Lastly, moderation applies to menswear more traditional pieces, but  casual styles that use minimal  fabrics, some swervy choices don’t come off as overpowering, graphic stripes colour blocking and repeated tonal patterns like hawaiian-shirt-style flowers and leaves. Ultimately, the acceptability of men wearing vest tops in the 20-50 age range during the summer will vary based on personal preference, and who says you have to  wear a vest top by itself? Layer one under light jackets, blazers and over-shirts. If you’re going to wear one under a suit, make sure it’s classy enough for the occasion. 

When it comes to style, keep the jokes about your vests tops in a bit of banter rather than your wardrobe.