The Summer Shirts You Should Invest In

To first think of shirts is to think of men wearing ill-fitting suits in air-conditioned offices, sat behind desks while staring at computer screens. Shirts do not automatically conjure up images of cool but scratch beneath the surface – or should that be collar? – and you will soon discover what the shirt is all about.

The shirt needn’t be simply part of formal office attire, instead it should be the wardrobe essential for all sharply dressed men who take pride in their sartorial selves. Be it in the office or on your summer holidays, the shirt is an essential piece of clothing.

So without further ado, here are five of the best types of summer shirt for this summer and beyond.

The Office Shirt

summer 1

For those of you sorry souls who have to adhere to a more formal code of clothing in the workplace, ensuring you have the correct shirt is vital.  The best thing you can do is go for short sleeves and a lightweight cotton or linen fabric, as this should ensure you feel comfortable in the hottest of climes.

White is our suggested colour of choice although a light coloured check shirt works just as well.

short grandadgrey stripedblue spring shirts

byard cotton shirtlinen oliverrough tumble

Cuban Collars

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The Cuban shirt has become something of a fashion staple this season. The relaxed, open-collar shirt favoured by the likes of Scarface’s’ Tony Montana has stepped out from the gang-land drug lords and very much into the fashion main stream. Perfect for a summer evening or to add a little verve under your suit, the Cuban shirt is a key component of your summer attire.

rab plate shirtsfolk jacquardstiped hentsch

stitch folk shirtwaffle weaveody shirts

Hawaiian Shirts

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Once known for being worn by dodgy car salesmen, the Hawaiian shirt is now in every high-street fashion store you can think of. Coming in an array of colours this fabled shirt is best paired with a simple pair of chinos or worn by the pool on your summer vacation. Not one for the feint hearted, the classic Hawaiian shirt has never been so popular.

porter jcrewsblend porter shirtsfloral jcrew

multi classic fitduke visimpalm poplin shirt

Weekend Shirts

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Packing a weekend shirt may not be quite as easy as it sounds – you need something you can wear during the day but also out for a meal with your wife in a swish little restaurant.

You know those weekends away with your lady when you want to pack a shirt that is suitable for the evening but will get you through the day also – this is your weekend shirt. May we suggest wearing something with a stripe or a bit of colour, as it gives your shirt a more relaxed feel and helps cover that smart / causal divide.

club grandadmarni cottoncotton ymc

barbour edwarddyed tartanwashed indigo


summer 5

Gone are the days when shirts were the preserve of the London banker; from hip kids in basketball shirts and oversized shirts to Saint Laurent shirts channeling your inner rock-god, (think Keith Richards circa 1970) high fashion has embraced the shirt with gusto. From the graphic prints of Paul Smith and McQueen to the refined subtlety of AMI and Our Legacy, some of the coolest brands have turned the shirt into a fashion must have.

boomerange shirtps smithpaint shirts

polka rag shirtdiamond alan shirteveryman shirt

Be it formal or casual, in a myriad of colours or plain white, the shirt has so much to offer our wardrobe like with the Jasper Holland designs and styles ; from the office to the beach, the summer wedding to the evening out with the lads, us gents would be lost with this wonderful garment.

This season be it grandad collars or denim numbers, oversized or rolled-up sleeves, there is no doubt that you will be spending a lot of time in the shirt in and out of the office.