The Staple Jewellery Pieces You Need in 2020

New year, new me? We agree, it’s time to upgrade and re-evaluate your approach to jewellery and accessories and the positive addition they add to any outfit. Stand out from the crowd and add some class and edge to any outfit with the minor details that become the major features.

With the help of Wolf and Badger, MFM have picked their favourite pieces for our readers in creating your basic collection of jewellery that can be paired with anything.

Rings are the things that spice up any handshake and become a speaking point of any date. Any girl is a sucker for a well-kept hand and the rugged, edgy look of a ring can secure success in any date.

Poker Ring Enamelled Silver
by Edge Only

Silver Amber Stone Ring
by Serge DeNimes

Necklaces are often a blurred subject with a lot of men. We are here for the necklace movement as it can turn any old tshirt and jeans combo into an edgy, put together and refined look.

Silver Multi Chain St Christopher
by Serge DeNimes

Bracelets become another key aspect to any wrist, accompanied by a staple watch, a bracelet can add style and class to any outfit. You will be impressing anyone with your fresh style and suave pairing with the help of Serge de Nimes.

Silver Spiked Detailed Bangle
by Serge DeNimes

Paired with a classic ensemble of tailored trousers, clean cut t-shirt and a casual jacket, these pieces will be the defining feature to any outfit. For the ultimate streetwear look and for the refined and polished outfit that will attract the best kind of attention, style it up with Wolf and Badger.

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Model : Alexander Ablett