Single vs The Double Breasted Blazer Debate

The blazer is an iconic garment in today’s world of fashion; a transitional piece worn by many of varying age and class, it can simply tie a look together in just one smart step. Designed with good intensions considered, this quintessential staple appears in a range of fabrics, print, cut and embellishments. With both single and double-breasted styles available to buy, which is better…? Fear not, we’ve got it covered!

Here at MFM, we love style options but we know how important it is to get your look just right. In this cohesive guide we explore these styles in detail for you providing some tips to assist you along the way.

The Single-Breasted Blazer

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Favoured by Italians in the 1940’s, single-breasted blazers have sustained incredible fashion longevity throughout the years; due to the timeless cut and classic detailing with every piece. Seemingly the top jacket of choice to smarten up days look, perfect for an occasion or interview; this garment is a quality investment piece that every guy should own.

Easy to wear and the perfect accompaniment to a crisp white shirt or casual tee; the single-breasted blazer gives versatility that acquired edge. The great factor about this style of jacket is wearability – it will literally go with anything in your wardrobe providing your under layer isn’t too chunky.

It will instantly transform a dressed down look of chinos and plimsolls; whilst also cleverly relaxing formal wear- if your jacket is in a softer natural fabric such as linen.

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With men’s style in the 21st century taking off and veering towards eccentric and more elaborate pastures; the single-breasted blazer is available for you to buy in every imaginable print and fabric. Mixing and matching tailoring is now a consistent key trend for 2014, colour-clash and juxtaposing heritage inspired garments has never worked so well.

With it being such an enjoyable task of injecting some personality and edge into your daily look- you won’t ever be stuck for ensembles.

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Classic statements are easy to achieve…

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Top tip: Single-breasted blazers look their best when worn due to the fit. You should always be able to do the button up and the lapels should sit nice and streamlined. If you get these credentials right your onto a winner.

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Fancy some colour or print as opposed to plain classic; have a gander…

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The Double-Breasted Blazer

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This style of jacket possesses a different kind of fashion appeal- its for the gent who isn’t afraid of being seen. Quintessentially associated with the hippie beatnik era of the 1960’s, this nostalgic fold over button jacket is still lingering in the trends of coming seasons.

Its charm lies in the slouchy versatile fit and style combinations that can be adapted when worn. Contrasting buttons, exaggerated lapels and cropped fits have catapulted this garment into a unique fashion utopia.


In comparison to the single-breasted blazer, it is more difficult to pull off if you love fastening your jackets. The bonus is though that it’s not a requirement to button up as this can sometimes alter the shape and fit of the style.

If your looking for something a little outlandish without drawing too much attention to yourself- this could potentially be your next investment purchase. With such a traditional workmanship this jacket is available in a range of high quality fabrics such as silk mix, wool, herringbone and tweed.

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Top Tip: Button up and turn your collar inwards, it’s the best unintentional windbreaker invented- especially if you’ve forgotten your scarf. Try not to layer too heavy layers underneath either; this will look clumpy under the sleek fit. Opt for lightweight tops and shirts, these will not only compliment the fit of the jacket but also give an effortless vibe.


So there you have it a modern style-shopping guide to the single-breasted and double-breasted jackets. In theory they are both excellent styles to purchase, here at MFM it’s a tough decision to choose- its up to you! Personal preference and style consistency goes a long way; select what you feel most comfortable in and take into account the practicality factor too. Your much more likely to get endless options from a classic style than a statement piece. Happy shopping!