The Short Back and Sides Haircut

Back in the mid-80’s when I was growing up in the deepest darkest part of the West Country, there was a barbers in my town infamous for giving you the same haircut no matter what you asked for; it didn’t matter who you were or how you went in, you always came out with a short, back and sides.

Thankfully times have moved on and modern men’s hairstyles – and barbers – have developed to produce hairstyles we would never have dreamed of having back in the day.

The short, back and sides, once the preserve of Mr. Boring, has moulded itself into a modern day style which can be worn in all manner of guises and here’s some of the best…

Military Crop

shoes 1

The uber short, back and sides of this military inspired hairstyle has become all the rage of late. Thanks to the likes of high end fashion brands such as GoshaRubchinkskiy and Vetements (who have been inspired by 1980’s Eastern European sub cultures) this once frowned upon look might still scare your mother but will be turning heads on the high street too.

Modern Quiff

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The quiff may havean air of boy band about it but don’t let that put you off – this is a hairstyle that can be worn by men of any age.

One of the most popular styles you’ll have seen in recent years, every decent barber will be ableto sort you out with this great look.

You’ll need a good strong wax to keep that quiff in place but the extra five minutes in the bathroom every morning will be worth it.


shoes 3

A popular look with the street style kids doing the rounds at recent fashion weeks, this straight-out-of-bed look may not appear as though it needs a lot of attention but the lads sporting this style will probably have spent more time than most of us ensuring their locks look just so.

The hair atop your head should be worn slightly longer to give it that messy feel and will help to define this a true style than your standard haircut.


shoes 4

One for the traditionalists, the slicked back look is more in the vain of old school barber cuts but has been brought into the modern age by young men sporting plenty of denim and more often than not a beard. Sharp, clean and with an air of sophistication about it, this is a hairstyle for the man who knows exactly what he likes in life.

Short, Back And Sides

The key to the short, back and sides is maintenance; let those sides grow out too much and your once stylish barnet will soon look like an unkempt hedge.

Thankfully, wherever you are in the world, modern day barbers and Brisbane hairdresser cater for men with faces of all shapes and sizes so there is always a look for you. And of course no good hair cut is complete without a bit of decent product in amongst those locks, here’s a few of the best waxes, gels, putty’s et al on the market today…

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