RS No.9 Carnaby

RS No.9 Carnaby is where you will find music and fashion fused with the Rolling Stones. It’s a flagship store that will give you no other retail experience. And it comes as no surprise that there is now a collaboration Celebrating the Rolling Stones and MTV’s influence on shaping popular culture: I Want My MTV!

The story of the Rolling Stones began when Mick Jagger and Keith Richards met in 1961, and it was their love of R& B that brought them together, where they went on to form the most amazing global band. We mean who hasn’t heard of them? The Rolling Stones get better with age, they seem to always find that extra mile as true greats always do, as their contemporaries are slowing down, they go up an extra gear, and unbelievably, even at their age they are the most exciting band in the world. And in the reign of their long career they have been as ruthless as they wanted to be.

The partnership with a brand/management company part of the Universal Music Group and the Rolling Stones have with MTV launched with an exciting lifestyle brand RS No.9 Carnaby and pioneering youth brand MTV, a collaboration collection that is exclusively at the RS No.9 Carnaby global flagship store in London, and you can buy the merchandise through its website.

So here we are, celebrating the Rolling Stones and MTV’s influence about the go forward in shaping popular culture. The collection features both the Rolling Stones and MTV along with the Rolling Stones iconic logos. And who doesn’t remember the slogans “I Want My MTV’ and  “It’s only Rock ‘n’ Roll but I like it” legendary lyrics all across the collection of  apparel and a tote bag, that we bet you’re dying to get your hands on.

You can buy online here: RS No.9 Carnaby