The Rise of the Biodegradable Phone Case

With over 1 billion new phones purchased each year, finding that perfect case is at the forefront of many phone user’s minds. An upgrade often means a shiny new case to accompany your sleek new device and with so many exciting and unusual designs to choose from, there is no shortage of outlets looking to tempt you in with their affordable designs.  But have you ever considered the number of plastic phone cases that end up in landfill sites and oceans each year?

Consumer waste around phone cases and packaging is definitely a growing issue, and so an eco-friendly alternative may be the way forward. But eco-friendly options don’t give my phone the protection it needs, right? Wrong. Sustainable products are some of the strongest and most protective materials to work with, which is probably why we have fallen in love with the new eco-friendly collection from Uunique London.

As the rise of the eco-conscious consumer continues to grow, we take a look at a particular favourite,the Uunique Nutrisiti – a 100% Biodegradable cases, designed with the earth in mind.

This stylish case boasts a raised screen rim edge, drop proof features and provides ultimate protection from drops and scratches without adding extra bulk to your device.

Made from plants and plant elements, this 100% biodegradable case combines style with eco-friendly materials for a case like no other. All creations are inspired by mother nature herself, designed to celebrate the beauty of the natural world and our planet.

Not only that, but Uunique pledge that 1% of all their sales will go towards charity Unique Unity to protect the environment for a waste free future. Your purchase will make a difference to someone’s life, as a contribution and support to global Eco-Charities. Who says shopping can’t be rewarding?