The Rise of Streetwear – A Fashion Trend Gripping the World

Streetwear is gaining fast momentum in developing countries. Although it is at a very nascent stage, patronage from the entertainment industry and the birth of a growing local community is propelling demand. The new consumer on the block is finding it appealing as it offers a lot of options based on emerging trends.

In the current era, it is hard to quantify explicitly what exactly fits in the streetwear category. It is challenging the boundaries of gender, size, and demography.

What once started as a genre primarily represented by hip-hop, surfing, and skateboarding subcultures is rapidly becoming mainstream. It is primarily due to the indulgence of luxury giants like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Dior into the category.

The Curation

The creators of today’s streetwear labels are trying to imbibe the essence of the ethnic population along with the subcultures prevalent across the globe. Many new creators who grew with basketball or speedskating and the era of hip-hop draw their inspiration from those roots.

The people belonging to this set remember vividly their floaters with socks, bucket hats, and tearaway tracks. These influences helped shape their careers at a later date.

The establishment of skateparks and the rise of pop culture in the developing economies is what is driving the preferences of the youth. Collaboration of artists in the music industry and culture creators are helping to create interesting youth collectible in these markets.

The international markets see a strong presence of streetwear brands while there is a dearth of them in the emerging economies. Many new creators are identifying such markets to curate street luxe labels and core streetwear. The opportunity size of this recently sprouted market is quite big.

The creators keep those products and brands that they wear to fit their quirk, legacy, and interpretation of youth culture. Some of them also work in the space of curating products that can act as conversation starters.

The Influence

A vital aspect of streetwear is what it means for the person wearing them. The clothing is not very subtle in identifying the wealth, status, and compliances that led to its emergence. 

Globally many information sources aid in the process, a localized approach for these markets was missing earlier. The introduction of various jewelry accompanying the style is also prevalent these days. Diamonds have become a part of regular wear for many and are complementing this genre too. 

Colored diamonds have been gaining a lot of popularity lately. People are using them in fashionable jewelry as well as traditional ones like engagement rings. There has been a noticeable increase in the use of engagement rings with yellow diamonds by men and women alike. You can refer to some of the designs portrayed in designer catalogs highlighting the latest fashion. 

The creators find unique ways to put forth such fashion in front of their target audience. One such medium that is prevalent among the creator groups is via a YouTube channel. They offer a bunch of products, including popular choices and those that have the potential to make a mark.

Though it is a very niche segment in developing nations, the creators acting through a significant influence can help create value around their new offerings and brands.

Some of the meals that have been helping them to garner great results include creating exclusive members access, raffles, hype bingos, and holding virtual events. The use of social media to showcase closet tours along with industry experts is helping to generate influence and awareness among the masses. 

The rising snicker culture among the youth of these countries is driving specific demands among consumers. The early adopters who are primarily experimenting with identities but the ones coming in now have specifics in mind. They look forward to the creators as mediums to acquire their requisite products.

The Uptick in Homegrown Labels

It may seem easy for countries that have a well-established fashion industry, in reality, it might be a hindrance. Designers face difficulty in adapting a foreign genre compared to their indigenous craft.

However, for the new players, it is a chance to tap on the rising demand for streetwear and have a shot at being a monopolistic leader in this market. The early movers enjoy an edge over others and can tap a larger share of the pie. These players are now catering to the market through their website and promoting their private labels.

The early move by these players has led them to become a synonymous name with the segment. The growth of these streetwear brands is evidence of the support that these homegrown brands attract vis-a-vis their international counterparts.

So as you can see streetwear has become a highly preferred choice of fashion globally. Curation is the king that is fueling the demand. The influence of the community and the creators together is what is helping to scale the demand.