The Rise Of Age-Gap Couples

Call her a cougar. Or is she more of a yummy mummy? Either way our interpretation of an older woman in light of a young admirer’s charm is such that we find ourselves scoffing at the very idea man and woman can come together regardless of age. I have a simple belief, love is so many things – ageless springs to mind and I do believe we as a society take pride in making light of an older woman whose choice comes under bittersweet scrutiny. But it is not for her friends to know better or strangers in the street that pass a glance subject to their tired disapproval. Every woman has the right to fall in love with any man.

Yet from the young guy’s perspective, his peers see it as something of a mean feat to ‘conquer’ the older woman in all her glory. Therefore reigning supreme we have a competitive element that otherwise squanders away what should be real, loving and potentially lasting. Isn’t it time we grew up and accepted any relationship has limitless possibility, that we are all in the same boat a rocking and a swaying sometimes on stranger tides.

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Don’t we just live in the digital age of ever-changing technological advancement – so much that we are constantly evolving in order to meet the demands of a modern world at war with itself?! Well, let us cease such an out-dated disrespect, better still lest we remember our betrayal of love – move forward without having judged or joked and not then jeopardise doing the right thing.

Indeed it’s time we had a social reshuffle of our very well worn feathers – shake off what is yesterday’s today and make way for a future that tomorrow will look a whole lot brighter, I imagine when love finally changes colour letting go of all else… flourishing in the highest glory.