The Quiff Haircut: How To Get It

If you’re looking for a versatile, manageable hairstyle then look no further than the quiff haircut. It looks neat, it works great with both formal and casual attire and it suits any face shape.

But how do you get it? What do you ask for?

I’ve personally been rocking the quiff for a few years now and after a series of more experimental cuts (including a long gelled down fringe, a wet look side parting and a skinhead – don’t ask!) this is by far the most versatile and most manageable hairstyles I’ve had to date.

Obviously the quiff comes in a number of variations but in this article I wanted to focus on the hairstyle I opt for, a shorter length quiff with a side parting.

You can of course opt for something longer in length but for me personally keeping it manageable (without spending a lot of time in the mirror) is important, and keeping it shorter allows me to save time.

What To Ask For

As with any new haircut it’s advisable to grow your hair out slightly before hand. The longer your hair is when you visit haircut in Nashville, TN the more they can do.

To achieve this hairstyle it’s all about keeping it shorter on the sides and back and keeping the length on the top. I personally opt for a grade 2 on the sides and back to keep it manageable and looking neat.

With a fade on the sides and back I also keep the length on my crown to deal with my unfortunate double crown. You can get the Barber to cut all the way up to your crown but personally I find this takes away from the hairstyle.

With the side parting you can ask the Barber to shave a line in, this will make it stand out more. Again I personally don’t get this done as I prefer to have it looking as effortless as possible but I have done in the past.

The fringe should be kept long (to achieve the quiff) and also should carry the weight. This part is crucial as the attention of this hairstyle will be on the quiff so it’s important to keep the volume.


Key Things To Ask

*  Short on the sides and back
*  Keep the length on top
*  Focus on length and volume for your fringe
*  Side parting (optional)
*  Neat line for the side parting (optional)

How To Style It

As I’ve said before always ask the Barber for styling tips. Ever walked out of the Barbers with your hair looking faultless and then you fail to replicate it the next morning when you style it? Ask for tips in terms of what product to use, what brush to use, how to blow-dry it and so on.

With this hairstyle it’s important to lay the foundation.


The hairdryer is your best friend here to make it easy to style and to give volume to your quiff.

Start by applying some sea salt spray to damp hair, I use the Osmo Sea Salt spray but there are other alternatives. You can also opt for a mouse or a pre-style wax but for me the Sea Salt Spray looks and feels more natural.

Then using the hairdryer start by focusing on the quiff applying heat and using a hairbrush to roll the hair upwards. The sea salt spray will help thicken it and give it strength. This first part is important, it’s like laying the foundations and will make the application of the product easier.

Focus on the side parting too brushing upwards with the air from the hairdryer. Also focus on the back of your hair making sure everything falls into place nicely.

If you don’t blow-dry your hair before applying wax you’re probably going to revert to using a lot of product to get your hair to look how you want it too.

Alternating between warm and cold air is advised, personally I use warm air for the beginning and then switch to cold air to finish it off.

styling quiff haircut

With the foundation set it’s time to choose a wax and again I opt for the Osmo Clay Extreme. This wax is not too shiny or greasy, and this is a dry wax which gives it that natural look. If you want more of a slick, wet look opt for something more shiny. No hair is the same though, so search for a product that suits you and try to find the best matte pomade for thick hair. 

Rub a small amount of the clay between your hands and apply from the root to the top, don’t try and be smart with it or apply it just to the tips of your hair rub it into the root for a solid hold.

Sometimes less is more and if you’re trying to make it look natural and effortless avoid using too much product.

After you’ve finished applying the product use a Pompadour comb which helps keep the hairstyle looking natural and effortless, rather than using a comb or brush which will make the hairstyle look neater. Again this is personal preference you can use a comb or brush or even just use your fingers (which will again make it look effortless).

When happy apply hairspray to your hair to keep it in place and use the Pompadour comb (or brush) again to deal with any stray or loose hairs.

Key Things To Remember

*  Apply Sea Salt Spray to damp hair
*  Use a hairdryer to create the shape
*  When using the hairdryer focus on the quiff, rolling the comb upwards with the air
*  Also use the hairdryer for the side parting and the back
*  When dry apply a small amount of product into your hands and rub together
*  Apply product to the root of the hair
*  Use a Pompadour comb (or brush) to get the shape you require
*  Finish off with hairspray to hold your hair in place



The Quiff Complete

So that’s how to get the quiff haircut alongside mastering the styling of the hairstyle.

As I’ve already mentioned it’s easy to manage, it’s versatile and it’s one of the neatest hairstyles I’ve had.

Is it a trend that’s going to be unstylish in 6 months time? Of course not, the quiff is timeless and will serve you for years to come.

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This article was updated on 28th August 2018