The Power is in Your Hands – 5 Different Hand Accessories That’ll Turn Heads

Accessories can tell a lot about your style and personality, but this should come as no surprise since there is an infinite range of such items on the market. You can go for everything from gloves, bracelets, and scarves to wristwatches and necklaces. No matter what you choose, accessories will help dial up your personal style.

Hand accessories, in particular, have gained ground in recent times, being one of the most preferred manners for fashion lovers to express their personality and leave a strong impression wherever they go. The diversity of these accessories can go beyond imagination, though, so for a newbie to adornments, it could be a headache to pick something.

That is why we have gathered together some of the most iconic hand accessories. Hang tight – they will definitely turn many heads.


A watch should be in anyone’s collection of hand accessories. It is that timeless item that would stand out in each and every outfit on each and every occasion. That is why timepieces have been around for so long – and they will definitely be here for much longer. There are various watch styles to choose from, but if it is your first time doing this, we recommend focusing on these two kinds: a simple and classy watch and a dressy, dainty one with embellishments for special occasions. As for the colour, nudes and dark shades are top favourites, but if your style is, to say so, more intense, feel free to play with hues.

Watch bands

And since a piece like this needs a flick of style to turn heads, ensure you have a couple of watch straps in your arsenal. Fortunately, there are a lot of variants to add to your wish list. From classical leather straps to stainless steel or silicone bands, ensure you choose the one that best suits your needs and taste. Leather straps, for example, are an excellent go-to, perfect for almost any occasion, be it a casual night out or a business meeting. Green leather watch straps are a favourite among timepiece lovers, and we expect to see this colour rise and shine in 2023.


Gloves can be an elegant touch to your wardrobe, so ensure you consider them not only as means to keep your hands warm. These full-fledged accessories will set you apart and help you bring out the exact vibe you crave when wearing. And with so many options available (driving gloves, mitts, arm gloves, evening gloves), it is impossible not to find the one that best speaks for yourself.


The evolution of bracelets is remarkable: from items used to guard against the harsh sun or evil spirits or to encourage the arrival of spring in old times to the fashion accessories that they are today. Bracelets hold special meaning for the wearer even in the present moment, being used either as a fashion adornment to complement a particular outfit or as a friendship or love symbol. Some fantastic bracelet options include charm bracelets, bangle bracelets, beaded bracelets (which look great on a fun summery outfit), and classical tennis bracelets, which are making waves this year.


Rings are so popular that they need no introduction. Nevertheless, we cannot close this without mentioning them. These hand adornments have gone a long way in making wearers look stunning and more self-confident. And no, it is not just engagement rings – there are so many ring options out there that you will be blown away. Moon rings, stackable bands, birthstone rings, Claddagh rings, right-hand rings, and cocktail rings are just a few from a wide range of ring types. So, if you decide to embark on your ring-wearing journey, we encourage you to look for the one(s) that best align(s) with your personality.

These are some of our favourite hand accessories – and some that will dominate 2023!