The Pour Over Coffee System Every Home Needs

By Edward Lemont

We’ve all tried everything to recreate the barista experience at home, capsules, Aeropress coffee, barista-style instant coffee – But let’s face it, we’re still heading to our local coffee shops to pick up the real deal! 

However, there’s competition in town, which comes in the form of the Melitta EPOS Coffee Machine – An electric pour-over coffee system with an integrated bean grinder.

Staring with the bean, the integrated coffee grinder which offers the ability to choose one of three grind level settings. The clever programming actually selects the number of coffee automatically based on the desired cups of coffee the user wishes to make, so not wastage what-so-ver!

The user then transfers their coffee into the included filter, while at a touch of the button the 360° water spout gets to work simultaneously changes the direction and water flow. 

Finally, the perfect aroma is created with the pre-brew function, which gives the coffee time for blooming. The various brewing profiles ensure the coffee is always delicious, regardless of the amount – whether 2 or 8 cups.

Aesthetically, the machine has been designed to look cutting edge and stylish in any kitchen and features a touch panel at the front to customised the pour-over preferences. It also offers a hot plate, to keep those morning coffees warm for up to 40 minutes. 

It’s also super easy to keep looking clean, as the grinding mechanism, bean container, filter holder and jug are all removable and washable for convenience. 

Price point wise, the Melitta EPOS is priced at £299 (that’s around 100 takeaway coffees!) 

Head over to Melitta to find out more: Melitta® EPOS®: the first electric Pour Over system | Melitta® (