The Perfect Brand To See Out Winter With

Barbour have been gracing the backs of men and women since the late 20th century, and to still be growing in popularity over 100 years later is testament to the sheer quality they continuously turn out year on year. Hailing from South Shields, Barbour began in 1964, working out of a shop on Market Street, and have maintained their presence in the town to this day, sticking close to its roots whilst taking the brand worldwide.

As new members of the family have come in over the years, they have diversified their range and always looked to push the brand into new sectors and new cultures whilst constantly staying true to their core beliefs. They have never lost contact with what made them so recognisable: waterproof clothing.

In my opinion, this makes them the perfect brand to choose when looking for a jacket to see out winter. This time of year is cold, damp and it rains a fair bit, so when it comes to picking a coat many things need to be considered. Firstly, you need to protect yourself from whatever the weather may be doing that day, so you’ll need to look for something to keep plenty of layers underneath your coat. Opting for waterproof here makes the most sense to me. Yes, other brands create great waterproof clothing, but they don’t all have the backing of 128 years worth of history, collaborations with some of the worlds biggest names and Royal Warrant to boot.

I encourage you to look through the website yourself to really get a look into the brand but also, their current stock.

Written by Tom Loughran