The Peregrine Biker Jacket

We’ve all heard that fashion fades and style remains, and this is particularly true in mens fashion. Us men seem to have a special affection for classic and timeless pieces of clothing, the type of items which hold our wardrobe together, become part of us, and we love more and more as time goes on. Here at MFM we put the biker jacket into the category of timeless garments every gent should look to own.


Peregrine have been supplying top quality British clothing since 1956, and their new red ruggedly refined TT13 biker jacket certainly continues that trend. It combines a fantastic blend of style, comfort and practicality. The garment has four patch pockets, warm checked cotton liner, adjustable zip cuffs and an inside zip pocket, guaranteeing you’ll never be short of space or warmth.


Made from British elite waxed cotton, the material is sure to impress you along with the price tag for such quality. The biker jacket is no longer defined by its past associations with a tough guy on a motorcycle. It’s a unique and beautifully versatile item which can add an edge to any man’s personal style whether you’re a formal guy , or a casual guy, there’s room in everyone’s wardrobe for this type of iconic piece.


Priced at £169, you can buy the jacket from Peregrine Clothing.