“The One” By Komono

Recently the spotlight has been drawing our attention to the essential men’s accessories such as a stylish watch. Many of us here have felt drawn to the idea of investing in a really nice luxury time piece that is a little more than something that just tells you the time. There are many watches available right now but sometimes you just need to find “The One”.

Well “The One” is exactly what we have found because this new luxury watch from Komono is literally called “The One” because of the brands confidence in the level of sophistication this time piece offers. There are no other variations of this watch,it is a single entity in that it is one size, one colour, and one hand. It features a revolutionary index system that allows this watch to strip things back for a simple, clean and sophisticated look. It is also unique in that it features a one handed Japanese quartz movement in a luxurious black matte metal casing and also features a genuine leather wristband.

This watch is a wonderful piece of wearable style and is sure to look sophisticated on any wrist. It retails at €94.95 (£78.00) and is available online from the official Komono website HERE.