The Most Beautiful Places on Lake Como to Buy a House

Lake Como is an exclusive and renowned area of Italy, which has been long able to fascinate artists and aristocrats. Even today, celebrities from the world of show business and beyond choose to purchase property on Lake Como, attracted by the picturesque villages and romantic atmosphere, as well as the wide range of real estate on offer.

Indeed, the market is quite varied and offers opportunities for renovation in strategic locations, as well as historical villas of great beauty located directly on the lake. In short, there seems to be a solution for every need. However, to be able to find what you are looking for and choose the most suitable area for you, it is essential to know the various locations around the lake and their main characteristics.


Among the areas where you can find an excellent Lake Como property for sale is Lario. It is one of the most popular places for its enchanting landscapes. Many VIPs are also subject to its charm, including the influencer Chiara Ferragni and her husband Fedez.
Lario is characterised by abundant vegetation that lends a very serene atmosphere and surrounds villas and luxury properties.
Buying a property here allows lets you have a peaceful abode and enjoy the natural beauty of the lake landscapes.

Old Town – “Città Murata”

Como’s Old Town, also known as Città Murata, is one of the most desirable areas in which to buy a house near Lake Como. This is a district with medieval charm, characterised by narrow streets and elegant, prestigious buildings. For this reason, real estate costs are rather high.
However, for those who have the right budget and intend to find a very attractive house, while having all the main activities close at hand, the Centre is an ideal area.


Camerlata is a very picturesque district of Como, where you can find several monuments and places of interest, such as the Camerlata Fountain in the centre of the city, the work of Cesare Cattaneo and Mario Radice, and several churches and basilicas.
This area is close to the historical centre and also well connected, but real estate prices are generally lower, and properties diversified. For this reason, Camerlata is a suitable choice for those looking for lower-priced solutions without giving up the convenience of proximity to points of interest.

Lazzeno e Argegno 

These are two names you should definitely consider if you are planning to buy a prestigious property overlooking Lake Como.
Lazzeno is a village that precedes Bellagio (for those coming from Como) and offers breathtaking views from the cliffs overhanging the lake that leave anyone breathless.
Argegno, on the other hand, is a place where time seems to stand still, rich in medieval beauties that makes it a peculiar and fascinating village. In both locations it is possible to buy beautiful properties overlooking the most famous lake in Italy.


On the other side of the lake basin, on the Lecco branch, stands Colico, the last outpost of Como before the beginning of Valtellina. It is a small town immersed in greenery and surrounded by dense vegetation that makes it mysterious and fascinating. On its territory it is possible to discover important testimonies of the past such as the Fuentes Fort.
Also in this locality it is possible to come across interesting properties overlooking Lake Como. Since it is not an extremely popular location, with a bit of luck it is also possible to find a property at a good price.


Finally, one cannot fail to mention Brunate, a town dotted with luxury villas that can be easily reached in a few minutes from Como using the funicular railway that connects the two centres. The residences lining the town’s main streets are predominantly Liberty and eclectic in style. A true panoramic pedestrian path has been created that allows one to admire the various luxury houses in the town.
Obviously also in this area it is possible to enjoy a spectacular view of Lake Como, not only in summer but also throughout the rest of the year. In fact, the lake is particularly enchanting even during the cold months of the year.