The Importance of Timeless Style

Sticking with what you know and love is the key to having great personal style. Creating a look that is transitional yet timeless is easy to assemble yet hard to come by. What are the tips for achieving this everyday and all year round? Here at MFM we explore the topic of “timeless style” in this piece with some ace products for you to shop along the way.

Leather Jacket

It’s been around since the early 1900’s and was worn by all the greats; the signature leather is one of those pieces that will never date. Whether it’s tailored, aviator or biker style, this garment will compliment every ensemble you can put together.  Contemporary enough to add a quirky edge to just a simple grey tee and black skinnies.

timeless 1

The signature leather is a fantastic investment piece in that will keep on giving wear in years to come. Durable, versatile and highly transitional; the signature black leather is suitable for any occasion and unforeseen weather forecast. It will keep you warm and dry as well as be the ideal cover up for a sunny day out in town.

timeless 2

If you don’t already have quality leather hanging in your closet; now is the time to shop these uber cool styles for autumn.

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No matter the season or time of the year: stripes remain at the top of their game and continue to be the minimalist print of choice. A smart addition for an understated outfit, two-tone stripes are the classic staple that your wardrobe craves.

timeless 3

Every guy wants life made a little easier when it comes to style. Sticking to what you know and prefer can make shopping more straightforward than hunting down the latest trends.

timeless 4

With stripes available in all shapes, shades and sizes; they can instantly freshen up tired dark layers. If you don’t already own any stripes tops or accessories, look no further than these ace products…

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Blue Jeans

With so many variations of denim around, shopping for a new pair can be tough when it comes to deciding on the colour, fit and style. Coloured jeans and black skinnies have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to a flux in emerging trends.

timeless 5

However, we think that blue jeans hold longevity in the style stakes. With a wide appeal, traditional blue denim has yet again been catapulted into the forefront of fashion, complete with a contemporary overhaul.

timeless 6

Opting for blue denim creates a harmonious balance of colours in one look, complimenting a variety of shades, accents and particularly brown. Stonewashed, indigo and distressed: the list goes on. It’s a guarantee you won’t be stuck for style combinations in a rush.

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One Last Word…

Timeless style is easy to achieve, especially with well-chosen good quality products; you’ve conquered half of the battle. Keep things simple by donning versatile staples that you can mix in and out of your everyday style. Remember less is more; try drawing attention to a single statement piece such as a fantastic cut leather jacket, luxury stripe wool jumper or boot cut denim. These investments will stand you in good stead over the coming months and you’ll be surprised within time that these garments won’t age.