The Importance of Accessories

At MFM we’re all about additions. Subtle and minor additions that add to your outfit to add a voice to your exterior stylish personality. That’s why we believe accessories are so important. There are a vast variety of accessories: from belts to hats and bags to scarves, you name it, it’s out there. What is so promising about accessories is the fact that five people could be wearing the same kind yet it’s completely different and has its own statement. Accessories? Small devices saying big things? We think so.

accessories 001

Each day when we go to work, we have to wear a specific uniform, whether that uniform is a complete suit or a typical white shirt is, of course, down to where you work. The bad side of wearing a uniform is that you end up looking like everyone else. Not, however, if you use accessories. Simply adding a belt to your black trousers or a watch to that white shirt makes all the difference – it gives you your signature, it shows people your style. How? Because a watch you may choose is very different from one I choose.

Style comes down to our choices of incorporating the latest trends into our way of presenting ourselves. Therefore, by having accessories as part of our outfits it shows completely who we are and how we perceive ourselves. In addition to belts and watches, of course, you can have hats, scarves (not just for winter), gloves, handmade sterling silver jewellery, wristbands etc.

You don’t, however, just have to wear the accessory. When we go to work we have to take files and papers with us, so why not add a bag? You can argue we do wear bags but we do take them off, they don’t stay with us all day say like a watch or belt would. Thus, a bag is a perfect first impression – a flash almost – of an accessory you’ve chosen to add to your outfit.

What kind of bag you choose to have on your back or shoulder tells everyone around you how you want to be perceived. A back-pack, for example, has a casual, quirky kind of feel – something that is accepted in a more laid-back atmosphere.

To look sophisticated and smart you may want to wear a satchel or have a briefcase. All of these things are accessories because accessories are, by definition, small additions that add to your outfit in order to make it more stylish and more you. Look below for four examples of accessories we love and think can easily be used in your day-to-day outfits:


Belts don’t have to be generic. They don’t just have to be black or brown and be made of leather. Belts can look different – by colour, material or the buckle. Below are examples of smart and casual belts, each saying something about the situation you’re in and how you treat yourself.

casual reversible belt


Watches aren’t just useful to tell the time, they’re key to adding a subtle style to your outfit. A watch sits on your wrist and catches people’s eyes. When you’re wearing a white shirt, your watch will sit on the edge of your wrist and whip by. Watches are also perfect to show off your interests – your choice of either a designer label or gadget-based watch says a lot indeed.

braun x watch

anchor printed watchdino watch


There’s a prejudice against hats that they should only be worn during summer or winter – summer to keep you warm and winter to stop you from getting cold. Not so. Hats are an easy and joyful way to say something different about how your style to be seen and interpreted.

driver capbeanie with patch


As I said above, bags are essential when you’re going to work but they’re also perfect for style. A bag becomes a part of you. You put it down on a chair next to you or by your foot. It’s a statement of your style you can leave hanging around so people know it’s you and your gift of fashion.

canvas leather backpackcanvas weekend bag

american backpack


With any kind of accessory there comes an obvious ease. These additions are simple, they’re subtle and they’re fun to play around with. So are accessories important? We most certainly think so. Do you? Have we managed to convince you? Let us know your thoughts and opinions.