The Importance of a Good Pair of Jeans

If you were to epitomise the ultimate wardrobe staple, you would be hard pressed to find anything more suiting than a pair of jeans. Favoured for their versatility, there is little that a good pair of denims can’t do. From flared, to skinny, to bootcut, jeans are owned by those of all walks of life – teachers, office workers, farmers – even Prince William has numerous pairs for his more informal days. And their usefulness is not one to be overlooked.

For what began as a classic symbol of the American West has now born partner to numerous occasions- from the monumental to the mundane. First dates, weekend countryside walks, meetings, catwalk shows, the importance of a good pair of jeans really cannot be understated – and their popularity is showing no sign of diminishing.

The best part? If you are to find that one perfect pair of jeans, your wardrobe woes and last minute outfit-hang-ups can be almost completely eradicated. These jeans become your go-to, fail-safe item, that trusty back-up for when everything else lets you down. And you’ll know you’ll always look good. Team with a smart polo for a birthday dinner, a classic tee when you nip to the shops, or a smart shirt, blazer and loafers for a trip to the boardroom.

Here is just one example of how the right pair of jeans can suit …
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For The Workplace

Black jeans are an ideal smart alternative to chinos. The sleek colouring and tailored fit of these means they look great with a shirt and blazer for the office. You will look stylish yet smart, cool yet sophisticated – what more could you want from an outfit?

For The Weekend

Spring is fast approaching and that means walks along the beach or through the countryside are calling. However the weather is deceiving; whilst it looks sunny, the air still has that wintery bite and the breeze still chilly. Because of this, pair with your favourite t-shirt and a pair of trainers; not only will you be ready to face whatever the weather has to throw at you, but you will look great at the same time.

For A Date

We’ve all been there. You’ve battled the first hurdle of asking someone out and then the great feat of finding what to wear takes hold. Cue profuse sweating, multiple outfit changes and unnecessary time wasted. But with the right pair of jeans? This need happen no more. Pair these black jeans with a smart white polo and blazer to instantly impress. Or why not wear with a shirt and a smart jumper for the perfect smart-casual combination?


These are just a small look into some of the ways you can wear one pair of jeans and if you are yet to have found that pair of jeans (trust us, you’ll know when you’ve found the one) it’s time you made the investment. And when you do so, some of the things you need to look out for is:

Quality – These jeans are going to be worn a lot, do they feel like they’ll last?

Fit – This may sound obvious, but so often people settle for an ill fitting pair of jeans. Try on a few pairs and pick the ones which feel the best.

Colour – Think of what colours you wear mostly. If you mostly wear light colours, opt for a darker denim and vice versa.

If In Doubt, Go Dark – Dark jeans are the ideal ‘if in doubt’ style for they make the easiest transition from day to night wear. Oozing versatility and style, every wardrobe needs a dark pair of jeans.


So, if you have a pair of jeans sitting in your wardrobe, make sure to take them out for a restyle. And if you don’t, make them your next investment. Pair with items you’ve not thought about before, let them save you from those outfit dilemmas and utilize this wardrobe staple in the plethora of ways it can do. Remember, jeans are one of the most powerful items you’ll own and are not be forgotten…


What’s the top thing you look for in a pair of jeans? Let us know in the comments below.