The Ideal Beard Care Routine

Beards come in all shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. It’s a guarantee you are going to encounter difficult stages such as an uneven, patchy beard at some point along your journey. Luckily, exercising patience and working on a consistent grooming routine can help you keep your beard looking its best.

I have outlined the most important grooming steps and products we recommend introducing into your care routine. Don’t worry if all of these don’t fit into your schedule or budget. Caring for your beard is all about experimenting with different techniques and products to find what works best with your beard and lifestyle.

It might seem easy to grab your hair shampoo or regular soap to clean your beard, but choosing a wash designed for your delicate facial skin is important. Alternate between lathering with beard wash, rinsing with water, and conditioning with beard softener to find the weekly routine that cleans and hydrates your beard and the skin underneath. Most men need to wash their beards about 2-3 times a week.

Hopping out of the shower without drying off your beard can add a lot of tension to your follicles. If you are short on time, grab a towel and pat the hairs gently until they are about 70% dry. Blow drying your beard is also a quick and effective way dry your strands. Make sure to keep the heat moving 6 inches away from your hair on the lowest setting to prevent damage.

The key to a soft, hydrated beard is beard oil daily. Applying 2-3 drops after a shower will keep your hair and skin moisturized and healthy. The longer your beard gets, the more drops of oil your hair will need.

As soon as your facial hair starts to grow, grab your beard brush to direct and train your hair to lay the way you want. Brushing also distributes natural oils and exfoliates the skin underneath preventing ingrown hairs and training strays to lay flat. Once your beard gets a bit of length, you will want to introduce a beard comb as well to detangle and prevent knots that can damage your hair.

It is best to wait about 4-6 weeks before trimming or shaping your facial hair. Waiting will allow your hair to fill in and give you a better idea of its growth patterns and overall shape. After that, you can trim as often as needed to maintain the length and style you are rocking.  Try to trim your beard when your hairs are dry instead of wet to avoid any accidents.

Planning out your beard goals before cleaning up your lines and length will give you the best success. Make sure to educate yourself on your face shape, hair type, and growth patterns before picking a beard shape. You want your beard to accentuate your best features and soften your harsher ones. For your first few trims, you might want to consult your local barber before picking up your trimmer or beard shears.

Trimming can give you the length and shape you want but styling can give you those clean details that bring your look together. For some men with particularly curly or thick facial hair, using heat to straighten or style their beards can give them more control. Strong hold products like beard balm can be very helpful to wrangle fly-away hairs that want to stick straight out. It is also great for adding that extra curl or definition to your moustache. 

Now that you are an expert on caring for your beard, let’s not forget the importance of knowing how to grow one. Learning how to grow a beard faster and naturally is not just about choosing the right products. Factors like diet, exercise, and genetics also play important roles. If your beard hairs don’t grow in strong, maintenance can only do so much to repair them.  Focus on starting healthy, making healthy choices, and keeping your hair healthy.

Written by Tom Loughran