The House of A. Sauvage: Fall 2014 Shoe Collection

The House of A. Sauvage has released its Fall 2014 Shoe Collection. The new range consists of two models: the A. Sauvage General Shoe (also known as the Black Leather Derby Shoe) and the A. Sauvage Dictator Shoe (the Black Leather Derby Boot). Both models come in black and purple, with the boot also available in green. Features such as the distinct black leather wedge sole and the unique metal eyelets ensure that the range far surpasses similar boots and shoes. Furthermore, the rendered patina leather gives an elegant shine and ensures a beautiful finish.

sauvage 1

Adrien Victor Sauvage is a British designer, director and photographer of Ghanaian descent. After taking an early retirement from his professional basketball career at the age of nineteen, Sauvage established himself as a personal stylist and lifestyle consultant. Working from his company ‘Untitled Muse’, Sauvage drew clients from the worlds of rock, fashion, film, sports and politics.

sauvage 2

The unity of different cultures present in his work has always given Sauvage international recognition, and the Fall 2014 Shoe Collection is no different. The footwear combines Sauvage’s African heritage with contemporary British style. The military design mimics African dictators, while the exterior also represents true punk aesthetic. The two models offer updated alternatives to the classic formal boot or shoe. However, while they are able to make a bold fashion statement, they remain sophisticated and refined.

sauvage 3

The footwear, which is priced at £320 for the shoe and £430 for the boot, is available to purchase online at The House of Sauvage Fall 2014 collection may only consist of two models, however both have been produced with high quality leather, and feature a unique and stylish design. Sauvage’s winning formula has been to focus on quality rather than quantity.