The Hackett Rules: AW14 Collection

Hackett have recently released its Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. The company stays true to its origins, creating a range of clothing that seamlessly blends classic English charm with the modern look of today. The classic navy blues and greys have been gently updated with subtle splashes of pink. Furthermore, while the clothing is essentially classic, the slim fitting design ensures an elegant, modern look.

hackett 1

In order to promote the collection, Hackett has created “Jeremy’s Rules for Living a Better Life”, a list of style advice from founder Jeremy Hackett. The rules, which claim to unveil the formula to being the perfect British gentleman, act as a platform to showcase the distinct clothing of the range. The campaign is both compelling and full of English charm.

hackett 2

The photography certainly does justice to the new collection: renowned photographer John Balsom has captured the true British gentleman in a snapshot. The photo-shoot took place in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, thus giving an essence of old-fashioned British charm to the images. However, the images have been lifted out of their frames with a sense of tongue-in-cheek, British humour. This is, perhaps, best demonstrated by Jeremy’s Rule No. 3.

hackett 3

Set in a typically British landscape, “Always Offer A Lady Your Seat” features Hackett’s collaboration with Cooper Bikes. Inspired by the lightweight racing bikes of the sixties, the Hackett Cooper Tourer combines timeless styling with the latest materials and technology. In addition, the dramatic embrace of the models further embodies elements of the sixties charm.

hackett 4

Rule No. 4, “Always Offer Your Best Friend A Chair”, offers a personal touch from Jeremy Hackett himself. The photo features Jeremy Hackett’s rare Sussex spaniel, Muffin. This keeps up a tradition of Jeremy’s dogs staring in Hackett advertising campaigns.

hackett 5

While the new collection is smart and elegant, the clothing also embodies sporty tones. Think the Lambswool Half Zip Sweater and the Hackett Mayfair Flat Cap.  Rule No. 8, “Improvise with What You Wear”, is a reminder of Hackett’s on-going partnership with Aston Martin Racing. The full AW14 Collection is available at With stunning photography and an impeccably designed collection, we’ll all be following ‘Jeremy’s Rules for Living A Better Life’.