First, there was normcore, followed by dadcore, and now, emerging as the ultimate evolution of understated dressing, we present: grandpa eclectic style. This unique trend, inspired by your beloved grandpa’s effortless fashion, is now ready to be embraced. It’s not just about fashion; it’s about comfort and versatility, with cosy topcoats, oversized cardigans, high-waisted trousers, and practical footwear. This is a style that’s second nature to seasoned dressers, and now, it’s your turn to make it your own.

Also known as a turtleneck or skivvy, the roll-neck sweater is one of the most polarising retro fashion items to reenter contemporary menswear. However, it makes a strong statement when styled correctly, even if only a few men are inclined to wear it. Wear it under a suit jacket or overcoat in winter, or layer it under a check shirt and suede Harrington jacket to play with textures. Try a tailored tweed blazer in a warm, earthy tone such as brown or rust and layer it over a green or neutral-coloured sweater to achieve a rich, layered effect, or opt for loose-fit khaki trousers or corduroy ones to maintain a relaxed yet polished look, and wear leather loafers or dress shoes for a refined finish. The white sneaker is far from new, but this season, it’s making a significant comeback with canvas-leather models and heritage brands reintroducing classic silhouettes. Style your white sneakers with slim jeans, a polo shirt, and a biker or bomber jacket for an authentic retro vibe. It’s the perfect blend of super neat and retro chic.

Fusing the old with the new creates a unique and individual look; could you keep it simple and authentic? Execute the look with essential items that resonate with you. Opting for genuine vintage pieces, like a biker or shearling jacket, can make a significant difference, these timeless items age well and gain character over time, like a retro shirt with a modern jacket, fusing the old with the new creates a unique and individual look. Could you keep it simple and authentic? Execute the look with essential items that resonate with you, and opting for genuine vintage pieces can make a significant difference. These timeless items age well and gain character over time.

There’s never been a better time to channel the sophisticated style of a well-dressed septuagenarian. Accept it. Much of what you’re wearing and a significant portion of your current wardrobe inspired by the last century. Subcultures like hippies, punks, the military, and ’90s skaters have resurfaced as seasonal trends, making a comeback since their introduction into menswear in the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. These trends are not just a fad; they’re a testament to the timelessness of retro fashion.

With these bygone eras and bold fashion items on display, how can men navigate the world of grandpa retro fashion trends? Which decades are timeless, which retro must-knows are shaping menswear, and more importantly, which trends are here to stay? This retro trend, along with the critical items from these decades, is now manifesting in a contemporary way, but before diving into a grand vintage shopping spree or raiding your grandpa’s closet, it’s crucial to blend retro pieces with modern ones while staying true to your style—no imitations.

Grandpacore fashion effortlessly blends classic and modern elements, creating distinctive outfits that exude nostalgic charm. Whether the refined pairing of a tweed blazer and khaki trousers, the laid-back vibe of a cardigan over a denim shirt, or the whimsical touch of a graphic sweater with white trousers, each look is meticulously curated. So, enhance your style with accessories like caps, oversized knitwear, and patterned socks to make a unique fashion statement. This style pays homage to the past while seamlessly incorporating contemporary trends.