The gilet vest will warm your heart – literally.

The gilet has evolved in recent years, like most active outdoor pieces, going from fat and puffy to a slimline undergarment or top layer that will still keep you warm, whatever the transeasonal-weather throws at you.It can become you winter next best friend, as it will probably go with everything you choose to wear from your wardrobe, but the can be unflattering if you don’t get it right.

Firstly, don’t think it’s going to work all year round, the time is now, when you need that little extra layer under your suit, jacket or over a heavy knit. It’s getting colder, crisp air, cold winds and even rain.You’ll find plenty of gilets come in varying colours, buy a couple or just the one that will suit your colour scheme wardrobe, maybe try two-tone, whilst darker colours will give you more of an old-school Italian vibe. If you’re going to wear one in basic black, ask yourself if you’re going to look like a Ninja warrior before heading out of the house. Wearing black jeans and combat boots are probably to blame.

There is much more to the fabric of gilets now, in colours and patterns, glossy quilting and matte shells have made gilet rise in popularity for you guys as each winter comes and goes. The gilet has become a dab hand at layering, so don’t back away from experimenting  with how you wear it. Under or over, mixing together to create layering combinations for on and off-duty occasions. 

Fashion-conscious guys are looking for textured, quilted gilets and layering them over or even to contrast under blazers, jackets, chunky cardigans or a topcoat. Ultra thin varieties even work wonders under a jacket or blazer to give you warmth but still look cool. Just choose one that has a much light fill and slim cut to avoid looking like you’ve put on 4 stone overnight! If it comes up too small, you’ll look like a weenie in a blanket.

So, for best results, leave the gilet unzipped a bit, or unbuttoned at the bottom, or just leave it fully open if you start to roast. Don’t overdo it with the layers, you’ll look ridiculous. Wear it dressed up with your best trousers and favourite button-down shirt, need to step up your look, yes even with a tie. Over polo neck sweater with indigo jeans and camel coat, your best chinos and long sleeved t-shirt, tailored sweatpants and sweatshirt. And yes, try it with a suit, make sure the gilet is in a similar colour and keep it plain if you’re going to wear other accessories.

If you don’t try you’ll never know.