The Future is Fit

5 Futuristic Fitness Finds For Your Home Gym

Completing a routine workout every day or even every other day can be boring. And yes, this includes going over the same exercises using the same old gym equipment over and over again. Good thing there are modern, futuristic gym essentials to spice up fitness routines!

  1. MoonBoard Kit

The MoonBoard Kit is a laser-cut, powder-coated, steel-framed climbing board to up your climbing game. The freestanding MoonBoard comes with different hold and screw-on footholds and can be set at 40-degree or 25-degree angles to accommodate your session needs. Although costly, MoonBoard can be a modern addition to your challenging fitness routine! 

  1. Liteboxer

Liteboxer integrates advanced technology, music, expert training, and a gaming aspect to deliver an innovative fitness platform and an engaging boxing experience at home. With the help of co-founding athlete Todd Dagres, Liteboxer brings the boxing experience in the ring to the comfort of one’s home.  

The front of the Liteboxer machine looks like a flower where the six punch zones are the petals. These petal-like punch zones light up to direct the user where they should hit next. Moreover, below the punch zone lies and a pad designated for body blows. The Liteboxer machine also features a stand that can hold tablets conveniently.  

To incorporate the arcade game feels, Liteboxer uses a Rhythm Technology that syncs each light to the beat of the music. As the workout progresses, the more punches one needs to make per minute, the harder it becomes to keep up with the rhythm. This feature makes users even more hooked to the experience.

  1. Tonal

Having a tonal system is like having a weight room’s worth of equipment, plus a virtual personal trainer, all in one, wall-mounted machine. Although costly at $2,995, the Tonal system offers full-body, strength-building equipment and a smart personal training experience to get the most of an effective workout! 

Specifically, the Tonal system offers up to 200 pounds of resistance while supporting several exercises to strengthen the upper body, lower body, and core. Furthermore, its AI technology makes it possible for an adaptive training experience, adjusting the workout plan as you get stronger. Even more interesting, it features a multitude of fun, effective workouts, such as partner sessions, yoga, and HIIT, coupled with good workout music and expert trainers!

  1. Mirror Home Gym

The Mirror Home Gym is an interactive smart gym and is the next best addition to your fitness system! This gym wall mirrors gets to know its user and provides real-time feedback based on their goals and preferences by working on advanced camera technology and machine learning.

The Mirror also incorporates the social aspect of public gyms as you can set a sweat date with friends or other people in the community!

  1. Aeroski 2.0

The Aeroski 2.0 Ski Fitness Machine is another great addition to your futuristic fitness experience! Upgraded with a new Recoil Spring Resistance (RSR) technology, Aeroski 2.0 is best for losing weight and toning muscles. The Aeroski 2.0 comes with a free VR Headset, VR Fitness App, and a bonus Ski Poles Set to deliver a total 3D Ski Experience. 

With Aeroski 2.0, users are free to enjoy the following benefits:

Intense Workout: Aeroski 2.0’s ski motion facilitates optimal oxygen consumption, promoting weight loss and enhancing caloric burn for a high-intensity, effective workout. 

Low Impact: Aeroski 2.0 targets all major muscle groups, regardless of age or fitness level.

Springs Upgrade: With the new RSR (Recoil Spring Resistance) technology, Aeroski 2.0 got enhanced and upgraded for maximum durability and user resistance customization.

Fun VR Experience: With the VR Headset and the Aeroski Fitness App for your Smartphone, users get to experience a 3D virtual workout that will ensure fun to keep them coming back for more.

Easy and Safe: Aeroski 2.0’s fixed handrail with a padded grip guarantees an easy and safe workout routine for all fitness levels. Moreover, Aeroski 2.0 supports a maximum weight of 220 lbs or 100 kg.

Fitness routines need not be boring and tedious! With the rise of various futuristic gym equipment that you can install for use at home, anyone can shed off extra weight without having to compromise the fun of it!