The fresh way to wear your crew neck sweater this autumn

Now the seemingly endless summer has started to go, autumn and winter is officially heading our way, which can mean only one thing: investing and indulging in the cosiest of knitwear. You’ll be reaching for the insulating layers as quick as the leaves falling off the trees, and where better to look than John Elliot? Taking you to the next level with knitwear that gives you quality, comfort and natural fabrics. John Elliot can transform you guys and elevate any outfit.

If you don’t already have a wardrobe full of wool sweaters like this one, the chances are you might be getting one this Christmas. As versatile as a wool John Elliot crewneck sweater is, it’s also incredibly warm, so come chillier weather wear it as a base layer and build your outfit on top of it. But the downfall is although it’s a great cold-weather staple, as with all the basics, you need to make sure you have got the right one that will be the one that you’ll wear and love the most, rather than just a fashion statement. 

Here to help you get ahead of the curve and cold are some essential ways to style knitwear this season.

So to get the best from your sweater is to wear it with a variety of jeans or trousers for a change of pace. Grey is great with those last summer white jeans, black or light beige chinos, and that will make your sweater pop giving it that little bit of a showoff look without veering away from the classic. Just make sure you’re wearing the right shoes as well, sneakers for that casual look or decent leather brogues or suede shoes for swankier plans. Want to lay it up for work, wear it without a tie that’ll make your suit look dressed up. And you can wear this rich looking cosy sweater anywhere, office, bar and probably on the settee doing absolutely nothing.

The Wool Powder Knit Crew

This crewneck sweater comes in a relaxed fit and slightly dropped shoulder silhouette. Custom knit coming from Japan, with a lightweight nylon-wool blend that will give you exceptional warmth. Coming in three colourways, grey, oat and charcoal, it’s the real deal – a crewneck that looks good with everything. But here’s the pro-tip: As this affordable sweater is going to be the one you love, what not buy all three?

And believe us when we say, it’s going to be one really stylish winter.  Trust us….

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