The Expedition North Titanium Automatic watch

Timex has been around as long as we can remember, a watch that has been as reliable as the sun
rising, it’s a watch that is for everyman, but is nevertheless not remotely ordinary. Timex, was born
in America and once originally branded “Waterbury Clock Company in the mid 1800s, so this iconic
watch brand with well over years of gracing us with extraordinary watches, is still continuing to
deliver beautiful and very well respected timepieces. Solid, dependable and mostly pretty
straightforward, but you’ll never tire from seeing it on your wrist. You’re getting a watch that is
deep-rooted in history, but will also give you significant contributions to watch design.

Fast forward to the current Timex era, and you will always find watches that have put this great
company on the map, giving a continual existence in horology in the world. This in return will
always give an interest to those in watch collecting in the brand, especially with new releases, without consumers needing to break the bank.

Every now and then Timex delivers a piece that will gets all you watch and design guys who are
obsessive, hearts fluttering and racing, like this ‘Expedition North Titanium Automatic’ watch from
the Expedition range that has been equipping explorers since the 1980s, and it was then that they
it created the bestselling sports watch in the world, and Timex pushed forward the outdoor design
inspired by their archival military-issue timepieces. Its aesthetic is so strong it’s been lured into the
likes of a limited edition.

The Expedition North Titanium Automatic watch is enough to satisfy your inner explorer. Constructed with the most durable materials, maybe it’s not for the faint of heart, but so worthwhile for the adventurous. The case is rendered in 41mm true titanium, equalled by a scratch-resistant,  anti-reflective sapphire crystal and 200 metres of water resistance. The watch also has a 21 jewel automatic movement and a quick-release revolutionary Ecco™ DriTan™ leather strap is awesome as it uses water-saving technology. 
This is a great everyday watch for off-duty, work and getting out into the wild, but still being that perfect companion and accessory that will give you the thrill every time and awaken your undaunted side, knowing you’ll be in safe hands.

With Timex, you will always get a watch that not only looks great and has great functionality, style and substance that the watch evokes and a price-to-availability ratio that makes it so easy to recommend. If you want one. Hurry.

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