The Essentials for the Modern Working Man

Ever get into the office and realise you’ve left something behind? Feeling incomplete in your outfit and feel like something is missing? There are just so many questions that the everyday man asks himself each day that we can answer right here. Here at Men’s Fashion Magazine, we aim to prove you with the essentials you need each day as the Modern Working Man. You’ll never leave the house ill-prepared, instead you’ll march into the office as the dapper man you are.

The Suit of all Suits

Stepping into the office everyday needn’t be a burden when you’re dressed to impress. Keep your fashion competitors in check with a savvy and suave suit, keeping it clean and classic with a twist of contemporary with the bold colour choices. This Racing Green – Black Regular Fit three piece suit can be styled up and down for eternal versatility. Whether it be in the office without the waistcoat, or taking your significant other out fine dining in the full three piece, this staple suit will keep all the boxes checked.

The Statement Watch

Be the man of the hour with a bit of arm candy in the form of a beautifully crafted watch. To be even more of a boss, go vintage and show off your knowledge for prized pieces. This Tissot piece is a perfect example of the refined, gentleman taste each modern man should acquire.

Pocket that Square

If you’re ready to make people double-check you in the street, up your accessory game and spruce up your tie and pocket square collection. After all, why go out of your way to wear a dapper suit if you’re going to dull it down with drab and outdated companions. This luxurious LANVIN Scale print silk tie and pocket square are the perfect example of putting your foot into the world of luxury fashion without breaking the bank. Spice up any old suit with these injection of class and silky-smooth perfection.

Shoe me the Way

Become the talk of the office with a pair of statement shoes. Why stick to the plain boring shoes you see on every other guy? These Ted Baker Double Buckle Leather Monk Shoes are the perfect fit for a guy that wants to push the boundaries, without stepping too far out of office attire.

Straight in the Bag

Needing to pack all the essentials in the morning can be a pain, laptop, phone, last nights files and then the odd debris of pens and paper-clips falling to the bottom of your old-battered briefcase. This isn’t how you’d want to start the morning. Update your travel partner and get rid of that old and ugly baggage. This Mango Pebbled Tote Briefcase is the perfect example of high quality and high fashion aesthetics, on a high street budget. Fool your colleagues with your new arm candy and walk into work with class.

Don’t be Shady

Whether it be the blaring heat of summer, or the blinding spark of winter, the sun makes sure she is always out in full force just as you’re sat on your morning commute. Peeking through the window of the train, or towering over the skyscrapers of the city, make sure you’re protected from the blinding rays. Noone wants early onset crows-feet after all. These Ray-Ban Wayfayer II Classic’s are the perfect addition to your ensemble, their classic yet contemporary silhouette and framing is the perfect pairing to your new, updated look.

Just in-CASE

Recently invested in the latest of smartphones? Still got that shiny plastic casing on it from your first panic case buy? Update and go contemporary with the Uunique Nutrisiti 100% biodegradable cases. They are convenient, protective and are crafted to fit your device perfectly with a wonderful, smooth yet textured appearance. Not only are they guilt-free, but also stylish and compatible with any of your outfits and accessories.

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