The Era of a Streetwear Takeover

If you haven’t already noticed, the men’s fashion industry is in the middle of a huge shift in style and direction. Streetwear clothing is gradually making its way into every area of the fashion world; from the office to the nightclub. Streetwear is now such an umbrella term for so many different designs that it has become even easier to wear; and it’s becoming more recognised in the wider industry as a noteworthy style.

There was a time when streetwear clothing referred to skater and surfer designs, and it was only known in pockets of the world. Now, it’s becoming more mainstream as it is accepted more readily.

Now, streetwear is being merged with the luxury fashion houses. Supreme collaborated with Louis Vuitton, while Virgil Abloh was announced as the artistic director of LV’s menswear back in March 2018 alongside his own label, Off-White. The two worlds have been colliding for some time, which is becoming clearer every time a brands drops its new collection full of influences from streetwear styles and high end trends.

Streetwear is now winning awards

LVMH, the largest fashion corporation in the world, offers a prize every year to support young fashion designers that it believes is the next best thing. It is essentially a fast track ticket, with a €300,000 prize and a year’s mentorship from established designers. With LVMH owning brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior and Givenchy, you can only imagine the big names that are on offer to work with.

In past years, the LVMH prize has been given to labels that work in the art of dress-making or sharp suits. In 2017, a womenswear designer won with two dresses, and the year before that a British menswear designer created two tailored looks. In 2018, it was awarded to a Japanese streetwear brand; Doublet.

The winning designs consisted of varsity jackets with clear sleeves, graphic tees and track pants, with the models wearing sliders. Taking inspiration from sportswear, without it actually being sportswear, was the key.

This accolade comes only a short time after Supreme was awarded a CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) award for Menswear Designer of the Year. Supreme’s founder, James Jebbia, has been running the brand for over two decades, and his win signalled a sort of ‘changing of the guard’ in the fashion world.

What is most interesting, is that Supreme has been around since 1994 and LVMH winner Doublet since 2012, but it is the influx of wearable styles and a shift in attitude that has brought them into the bigger spotlight.

Paving the way for streetwear brands across the spectrum, both luxury fashion houses and high street retailers can tap into this success in their own way; whether it’s through printed tees, the latest style of sneaker or keeping it casual in tracksuits.

So, whether you’re new to the streetwear trend or not, you will no doubt recognise its styles from the last few years as it becomes more prevalent. The streetwear culture has gone from being an underground concept to appearing on the clothes rails in your nearest menswear shop, and winning recognition from industry leaders around the world.