Don’t laugh, you may get one for Christmas.             

In this era dominated by the ever-present hoodie, other forms of knitwear often struggle to make their mark, and one such casualty has been the preppy and sophisticated cable-knit sweater, which stands in stark contrast to the laid-back sweatshirt in terms of its formality and seriousness. However, fashion designers have proven their ingenuity by breathing new life into this classic garment, preventing it from becoming a relic of the past. Instead of presenting the cable-knit sweater in fine cashmere that seamlessly complements a suit or neutral colours that effortlessly match everything in your closet, they’ve opted for a bolder approach. 

These new cable-knit sweaters have been bulked up to pair better with track pants than suit trousers, and they’ve been infused with vibrant, eye-catching colours and a stylish twist on this bit of classic knitwear. But why has there been such a resurgence over a sweater? The answer is straightforward: people have a deep affection for handsome and influential men who effortlessly carry off basic yet impeccably stylish clothing, and you’ll find ample evidence of the enduring appeal of “timeless style.”

During this era, often hailed as the “Golden Age of the Hoodie,” it can be challenging for other types of knitwear to take centre stage. The cable-knit sweater, especially, finds itself in the shadows of the all-pervading sweatshirt; it stands as a symbol of sophistication and seriousness, as opposed to the laid-back charm of the sweatshirt.

So, let’s start elevating your casual style by pairing your best sweatpants and sneakers with an exceptionally soft cable knit sweater, or go for a slightly cropped design that can provide a chunky appearance without adding bulk to your midsection. For a sophisticated yet affordable look, layer a white or cream cable knit sweater with coordinating shades of tan and brown; addressing your sweater needs with extra cabling around the neckline, not the waistline, is excellent. 

If older and of a bigger build, try a loose and faded cable knit crewneck that exudes a nostalgic vibe, resembling a cherished item from your college days back in the ’90s. Embrace a robust appearance without needing the gym by donning a chunky cable knit sweater and topping it off with a sleek motorcycle jacket. Complete the look by pairing it with raw denim and Italian leather loafers, and you’ll be impeccably dressed for a festive Christmas dinner.

Rather than crafting the cable-knit sweater from fine cashmere, a material that seamlessly complements a suit, and adorning it in neutral colours that harmonise with the contents of your closet, designers have taken a different route. They’ve embraced a bolder approach, making it a more suitable companion for track pants and traditional suit trousers. In addition, a vibrant palette of bold colours has been introduced, giving the cable-knit sweater a contemporary edge. 

So whether you’re heading to a casual weekend outing, layering up for an outdoor adventure, or want to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday style, these cable-knit sweaters are a great choice. Their ability to transition from sporty to stylish and audacious colours makes them a key player. These revamped cable-knit sweaters, designed with a sportier and streetwear-friendly flair, may not replace sweatshirts as the favoured choice for staying cosy anytime soon. However, they have undoubtedly captured our attention, and they deserve a place in your wardrobe as well.