The British Knitwear Brand Spearheading Sustainability

Despite only being three years old, Sheep Inc has been making serious waves in the fashion circle. The London-based brand offers a range of cardigans, hoodies and sweaters which are all fully biodegradable and designed to last a lifetime. In addition to this, the company’s operations save more carbon than they emit.

Each sweater from Sheep Inc is fully traceable, right down to the sheep it came from, via a QR code tag on the hem (made from a castor bean-derived bio-plastic). The raw materials used are carbon-negative and their manufacturing process is completely powered by solar energy, thus making Sheep Inc the first brand in the world with a process that naturally saves and stores more carbon than it creates.

With their sheep being based in New Zealand’s High Country, all of the brand’s farms are part of the ZQ programme, allowing for the highest animal welfare standards available worldwide. The sheep also play a key part in the aspect of regenerative farming, as they keep the soil healthy by closing the nutrient loop and reducing the need for fertilisers. Their farmers implement rotational grazing techniques, ensuring grass is never overgrazed and can provide a constant source of nutrition. These factors mean that the brand’s sheep can provide wool with a fully negative carbon footprint.

Sheep Inc are passionate about their items being functionally-designed and built to last. Their knitwear comes in a wide variety of colour palettes and with a lifetime wool guarantee.

All of these elements have propelled Sheep Inc into rightfully-earned success in the recent few years. As well as being fully sustainable, their collection is stylish, high-quality and really, pretty cool.

What’s your first purchase going to be?

Written by Tom Loughran