How are you thinking about wearing shorts this summer? Do you just wear them at home? Maybe out and about in the city or even just to the local pub? Think about how you are going to wear your shorts if you really want to get noticed, as shorts loom amazing with loafers and a blazer over a smart T-shirt, when you get into warm weather it’s easy to slide into the same old rut territory.

But this will all depend on the style of the shorts, and men should really think about what style of shorts they want to wear, so if you want to wear shorts to a more upmarket social day or evening, then think about tailored shorts. Paired with an unstructured blazer and a decent shirt, this will not only look neat but will allow you to go from work to the local pub, al fresco lunch or even a more formal garden party. Think about bespoke tailored shorts especially if you want to wear them to work, added to the rise of sports inspired casual wear.

Nowadays it is not uncommon to see shorts in any situation, it’s acceptable in most, we have to say, but not all formal situations, down to wearing them everyday when the weather permits. If you want to wear this look and still feel you’re in fashion charge, tailored shorts become a statement in themselves, match the bottoms  with a muted white shirt or even a polo shirt, but just make sure that you keep the shirt tucked in, and forget the belt, If you’re trying to make statement with your shorts. If you want a slightly softer feel, go for prints on your shorts, and go for muted florals prints, geometric and camo, so take your pick.

Stylish city shorts are really quite cool and in keeping with the formal vibe, try a linen shirt and  a pair of summer loafers, preferably sockless, and if you’re looking for a more formal look, wear with a blazer in a slighter lighter colour, matching shoes and at this, yes a matching belt. 

Shorts really are a means of ventilation instead of an opportunity to show and parade your menswear skills.