The Best Watches For Men In 2020

As the world of technology slowly begins to usurp traditions of old, we often find ourselves in danger of forgetting about the qualities that makes us not merely man but gentlemen.

The mobile phone is a prime example of this; no longer do we rely on our watch to tell the time, instead pulling whatever device we have tucked away in our back pocket – or more often than not in the palm of our hand – to tell how much of the day has passed us by.

watches 1

The humble watch has become something of a bystander in the tech-led world but a true gent, and age plays no part in being a gent, will still proudly carry time around on the end of his wrist because the watch is one of our greatest sartorial accessories and no outfit is complete without a one.

Here’s a few styles for you to cast your mind over…

Our Current Favourite

Our current favourite is the classic timepiece by Nordgreen. Their range of classic and wearable pieces truly make every outfit worth wearing. With a versatile range, fit for every style and wearer, you are sure to find the perfect watch for you.

Nordgreen is currently offering a complimentary tote bag and face mask with orders, as well as a 15% discount for all MFM readers, with code: MFM

The Retro Watch

The meteoric rise of teen-led fashion retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Topman over the past decade or so has seen a resurgence in 80’s fashion.

Watches have been integral to this trend and we’re sure many of you will recall these old school classics with happy memories – who could forget the Casio calculator watch.

Simple digital design combined with price points that won’t require you to rob a bank make the retro watch perfect for all occasions.

casio braceletfunction silverdigital stainless

henry londonnixon watchilluminator watch

Tech Watches 

As traditionalists, we here at MFM aren’t tooenamoured by the tech watch revolution but only a fool would discard this piece of modern day brilliance.

Whilst we do not suggest wearing them to a wedding or a more formal occasion, if you happen to be hitting the gym or out for a weekend bike ride, these watches are your perfect companion.

steel sports watchsupertide watchadipower watch

gshock watchgarmin watchepson watch

The Classic Watch

Nothing says gentleman quite like an elegant round watch face with a fine leather strap.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans, the sharp suit you wear to the office or polo shirt, shorts and loafers on your holidays, the classic watch really is timeless.

This is the watch of elegance and chivalry, of the gent who eschews trends in favour of something altogether more sophisticated.

mondaine watchm37 wristwatchlight brown watch

daniel rose watchuniform wareslarsson jennings


From rappers to footballers, city bankers to hot-shot lawyers, even in times of austerity their still appears to be a penchant for a watches that cover as much space on your wrist as is humanly possible.

There is nothing subtle about these watches and while you needn’t break the bank to own one, you’ll need the ego to back it up.

runnwell watchchunky watchbriston watch

ga watchbells and rosemontblance watch

What Watch Will You Choose?

The next time a passerby happens to ask upon the time, ensure you’re not scrambling around in your back pocket in search of your phone but jutting out that elbow and with a quick flick of the wrist, showing off your new watch because there never is an occasion when you should be without a trusted, reliable timepiece.

What’s your favourite style and who many watches do you own?