The Best Vintage and Modern Suit Brands for Men

Everyone has different tastes and when choosing an outfit, it all depends on the preferences of the guy who’s wearing it, but you’ve got to have at least one suit in your wardrobe. You should also know how to pick the right one for the occasion. Dressing smartly doesn’t automatically mean having to don a tuxedo!

Why do you need a suit? Suits boost your confidence and your status. A man in a suit is a man people see as a successful one. Not only will a suit suggest success, but, at the same time, it will command respect. People will take you more seriously. Wearing a suit also shows you’ve made a concerted effort to dress for whatever occasion you’re attending. 

Below is a look at a mixture of vintage and more modern brands of suits you should consider investing in this summer and what makes them good for different occasions.

Marc Darcy

If you’re looking for something vintage to walk down the aisle in, you can pull it off in a Marc Darcy Dion suit. This tweed number rewards you with supreme elegance, thanks to its champagne trims and lapis blue tone, and extra comfort in the form of added wool content. If your wedding is taking place in the country, you might prefer the navy checked wool tweed blend of an Eton three piece. Although primarily a wedding suit, it’s highly versatile and will suit most special occasions. 

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren suits always have a splash of vintage about them but without creating the sensation you’ve gotten stuck in a time warp. If you want to sport bright colors without looking as if you got dressed in the dark, a Ralph Lauren Polo Soft in Japanese cotton chambray is the one. It’s half-canvassed in its construction, looks tailored and spares you the embarrassment of dressing in double denim. Going to an outdoor drinks reception or even a relaxed evening at the casino? Go Ralph Lauren. Remember to get some practice in online before heading out to the tables of a traditional casino. You can find some reliable casinos with free bonuses at Bonus Finder.

Hugo Boss

Pitching for business or sitting at a negotiating table this summer for your employer or company? Then consider doing it in a Hugo Boss business suit. The brand’s high-quality fabrics and immaculate fits exude the class and sophistication you wish to convey in a business environment. A burgundy in slim fit with a micro-patterned virgin wool suggests a relaxed demeanor ideal for business dinners or pitching, whereas a regular fit in virgin-wool blend, black color, is the one to wear if you wish to convey your authority during the negotiations. 


Anglo-Italian blend English sartorial tradition with easy, comfortable Italian tailoring. The results are suits that are lean, casual and unstructured. If you’ve got a drinks date in a high-end part of town, an Anglo-Italian two-piece featuring the sports jacket can boost the odds in your favor. Single breasted, herringbone and linen, the jacket is breathable enough for summer but will also serve you well in spring and autumn. The jacket is soft and worn-in so you can feel as relaxed as you should be for making that vital good first impression. 


Attending a wedding reception or an engagement bash? A Husbands suit is for you. The suits of this classic Parisian brand have a retro feel about them and evoke the attraction of the roaring 1970s, but you’ll be the coolest cat in the room with one on. A single-breasted twill suit will allow you to turn up looking smart and adhering to a more classic style without the other guests thinking a dullard lurks beneath. When the DJ spins the wheel and the blazer comes off, you can persuade anyone who mistakenly thinks that otherwise with your moves anyway though. 


A Burton pinstripe, especially in royal blue with fine white pinstripes, is an excellent way to make a good first impression at an interview. The first thing prospective employers will notice when they see you in one is that you have flawless taste and, if they’re going to have important people on their business premises, they’ll know they can count on you to dress in a smart, respectful way to welcome them. A Burton suit cut in viscose keeps the suit looking silky over time and in condition for it to serve you loyally season after season. In this one, you’ll look good at any time. 

Wearing a suit is your chance to create a good impression and convey sophistication and success. You’ll feel more confident in one and command the respect of others, who’ll see that whatever you’re doing, you respect them and take the occasion seriously. The brands above all craft fine suits for men, but other brands you could try include Thom Browne, Allsaints, Mango and Tom Ford.