The Best USP-S Skin Under $50 — USP-S | Overgrowth

USP-S is one of the most popular pistols in CS:GO, which has a silencer at its disposal, which can be removed. Due to the silencer, the shots will be more accurate and can absorb the noise of the battle. The USP-S is the exclusive SWAT pistol that Terrorists can only dream of.

The weapon also has many skins, among which I would like to highlight usp s overgrowth.

Weapon characteristics

The USP-S is a ranged weapon, which allows the Special Forces to gain an incredible advantage in the early stages of the match. The weapon has 12 rounds in the store and only 24 in stock. The USP-S is renowned for being able to deal massive amounts of damage at long range, which is its main advantage over the Glock-18.

The high speed of attack and movement allow the SWAT player to arrange a real fight with the enemy in the pistol round. To kill an enemy, the user only needs to hit the head once, in the absence of armor. If the enemy still has armor, then the USP-S can take 70 percent of health when making a shot to the head. Even armor, as you know, is not an obstacle to USP-S.

Weapon pros:

  • accuracy at any distance;
  • reloads fairly quickly;
  • high damage rate;
  • the silencer is a nice addition to the weapon;
  • along with USP-S, the user gets a huge movement speed;
  • is free for special forces.

The downsides: an insufficient number of rounds in one store, as well as the fact that the USP-S cannot boast a high rate of fire.

The USP-S is an incredibly popular weapon, which is why it has a fairly high cost for skins. Despite this, some USP-S skins are able to impress with their beauty.

The Overgrowth skin has a bright camouflage color scheme using sand, black, brown, and green. It is very difficult to understand why such bright colors are applied, because such camouflage, on the contrary, attracts attention, and does not hide its owner. The price is not the highest for this skin, but not small either. Unfortunately, this pistol has very few skins that firmly hold the paint on themselves and this version is one with almost completely lost paint.

The prices start from $20 for Minimal Wear, $18 for Field-Tested and $17 for Battle-Scarred.

Where can you find this skin?

There are different platforms where skins can be purchased. This may be the Steam platform, however, in this case, the user will not be able to withdraw funds to a personal account (all money remains within the community). That is why many users find alternative platforms where this feature is possible.

Naturally, there is a risk of unscrupulous sites, but if you choose the right site, analyze reviews and look at the functionality of the platforms, you can safely earn money through such specialized platforms.