The Best Tool For Any Cyclist

Calling all cyclists and outdoor adventurers. So long are the days of loose chains, flat tired and wonky handle bars, we have the one stop solution that you need before you leave for any journey on your bike.

Rehook Plus is the ultimate tool to get you back on your bike. It incorporates tyre levers, wrenches, spoke keys, screwdriver and hex heads with the classic Rehook tool head. Your new road side cycle tool kit and the definitive lightweight multi-tool. Ideal for dropped chains, tyre changes and a range of roadside issues.

This ONE compact tool includes:

-Rehook chain tool head
-2x Tyre levers
-2x Spoke keys
-8mm, 9mm and 10mm wrench
-5mm and 6mm Hex / Allen keys
-PH1 Phillips screwdriver

“Rehook was created after dropping a chain, and turning up late for a meeting, covered in oil”
– Wayne Taylor, Creator of Rehook

This in-genius tool will totally change how you bike, and make sure you can turn up to work clean, prepared and oil free. To make things even better, Rehook are offering an amazing 25% off the Rehook Plus Multi Tool until the end of October.