The Best Coffee Table Books

By Edward Lemont

Coffee table books have become essential for adorning our living room centrepiece but with so many options available and endless suggested scrolling on Amazon, you can end up feeling overwhelmed! Therefore, we’ve compiled our favourite coffee table books to give your coffee table that interior design wow-factor we lust after. 

The Interior Design Handbook

The Interior Design Handbook by Swedish designer Frida Ramsted is like a manual for the home. As well as its beautiful linen-look cover, this minimalist book covers the essential interior design rules, while sharing useful tips to create a home that looks like it’s been created by an interior designer, from how to space hanging pictures through to how to composition a coffee table. 

Makeup for men: The manual from War Paint.

Makeup for men: The manual from War Paint. Is written by founder, Daniel Gray. In the book, Daniel shares first-hand practical make-up tips and tricks and delves into the history of men’s make-up. The book also showcases the War Paint range and techniques on how to use the products effectively.


EAT DRINK NAP is the quintessential style, cooking, and home interior book from Soho House, the world’s leading members club. Even if you aren’t a member of Soho House you can recreate everything in your home in a Soho House way. The book even explores the art of a great night’s sleep – Something Soho House is renowned for creating with their inviting rooms at Babington House and Soho Farmhouse. 

At Home in Joshua Tree

At Home in Joshua Tree by Richard and Sara Combs is the ultimate book for California, Bohemia and Joshua Tree admirers. The stunning visuals in this book will transport you to the Joshua Tree desert and the unique hi-desert style the natural surroundings offer.  The book’s chapters are themed and include designs, recipes and wellness practices.

Chiltern Firehouse Cookbook

Finally, Chiltern Firehouse Cookbook by chefs, André Balazs and Nuno Mendes takes you on a journey of Chiltern Firehouse’s icon dishes, From the signature crab doughnuts to maple-glazed salmon and frozen apple panna cotta, Mendes delivers recipes of reimagined classics and bold new flavours. The bold cover with red hues will certainly grab the attention of your guests!