The Basics Brand You Need In Your Wardrobe

With warmer weather edging ever closer, it’s important to make sure that our wardrobes are full of clothing that we can throw on when it’s 30 degrees outside. Colourful Standard are my go-to brand when it comes to finding pieces that are basic, diverse, well-made and most importantly, sustainable.

Their range stretches from t-shirts to socks and everything in-between, and at the heart of all of these products, aside from the quality that runs throughout, is their commitment to sustainability. Unlike some brands who claim they endeavour to become sustainable, Colourful Standard hit the sustainable road from the second they began making garments. Every piece of clothing is made using 100% organic cotton, which means cotton that is grown without genetically modified seeds. Organic cotton can be grown with the help of natural rainwater, meaning all the nasty chemicals that some others use have no place here.

For me, their t-shirts are second to none. I regularly struggled to find a tee that fitted my body in the way I wanted it and these ticked every box. Their length is just right, the shoulders fit how they should and the collar sits nice and close to the neck. On top of their fit and quality, they also come in a large range of colours (48 to be exact), meaning there’s no shortage of options and a colour for every outfit.

So next time you’re in need of a t-shirt, sweatshirt or even a pair of socks, it’s well worth checking out Colourful Standard, you won’t regret it.

Classic Organic Tee – Soft Lavender – £27

Classic Organic Crew – Navy Blue – £50

Classic Organic Hood – Soft Yellow – £60

Classic Organic Sock – Scarlet Red – £9

Written by Tom Loughran