The Art Of Style Consistency

While it is a joy each season to scope out the latest trends; it can at times be a little overwhelming, presented with an endless list of key pieces compiled by reputable fashion editors, designers and stylist extraordinaire’s. The help and guidance is all there at hand, but you have the mammoth task of shopping it! You can often find yourself questioning these new style concepts, thinking and feeling that they just don’t quite cut the mustard. After all it’s a common misconception that with each season must come a new wardrobe (you’ll be pleased to hear).

We can find ourselves harping back to our “Fashion comfort zone”- after all it’s a daily ritual! Comfort, style, practicality and quality are the factors to be considered. We take a look at a fashion uniform of basic essentials and staples that you can work around with ease taking you from day to night. (Perhaps adding a little interest to your current wardrobe too!)


style 001

Invented back in 1873 and cutting a cult figure in 1950’s movies starring Dean and Brando; denim is the work-wear trouser that inevitably changed the face of fashion forever. Continuing to evolve in the 21st century, denim jeans and jackets stay on top form with brands and designers producing an endless list of style options to suit every taste. Casual, smart and timelessly cool; the jean is a statement piece that will never go out of style, dressed up or down it compliments every colour on the spectrum. In fashion or not, select a denim that is versatile and will extend your current personal style.

With style consistency you have to stay true to yourself and what you like to wear and feel comfortable in. In remembering this, tailoring a fashion uniform around your current wardrobe is the most affordable option.  Don’t currently have any denim in your wardrobe? Shop our jackets and jeans feature below…

Button up with cropped, dark denim and shearling collar details.

trucker denim jacketcotton denim jacketfarnham denim jacket

staple denim jacketvintage denim jacketblue denim jacket

Vintage, washed out or tapered you choose! Always consider a good fitting denim, try before you buy and consider jeans as an investment- when looked after they last for ages. If you’re replacing an old pair, why not go for the same style but in a different shade. Keep your jeans consistent if the style, fit and quality already works for you!

organic rough spiritaverage nudie jeansvintage renewal jeans

scrape blue jeanssnap black jeanslong john jeans


style 002

In the modern day, tailoring is often a requirement in the workplace – unless you’re lucky enough to wear sneakers and your favourite sweats to work! It’s quintessentially elite, perfect for that special occasion and a classic investment piece for that nerve-wracking job interview that’s potentially just around the corner. The bottom line is; you really want to give a good impression looking smart and feeling the biz. With so many styles to choose from, if you’re a first time buyer or looking for a replacement you don’t have to go all out and select a garment that epitomises the key trend for SS2014. Select something classic that will give an edge to your current collection at home.

Keep things consistent; go for what trouser style suits you personally not just what looks decent on the hanger. With jackets too, if you can’t stand vents, 3 button fronts or boxy fits don’t buy it, always try a few suits on before making a decision. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to shop! Here are a few good-uns! (It doesn’t always have to be black).

dark green skinny suitjacquard skinny suitsand skinny suit

black flannel suitblue tweed suitbrown tweed suit


The ultimate classic staple to stylishly carry you through multiple seasons be it rain, sleet or shine. Available in an extensive range of styles from blazers to bikers, colours, finishes and price ranges; you really don’t have to worry about compromising your taste in order to purchase this investment piece. It must be noted that if chosen wisely… a good quality leather can last a lifetime.

style 003

When selecting a piece and your weighing up the options start with durability and consider comfort, and then you’re halfway there. Be consistent with your choices; there’s no point reinventing your style just because the new year has officially commenced. Stick to what you know and like, for instance a smart addition to your wardrobe may compliment your more casual attire or vice versa. But remember leather is a classic and versatile statement piece, stay away from too many fussy details or colour combos. Be consistent with the shape, fit and colour too like with any jacket or coat you would usually buy.

Scope out a few brands and maybe browse online first before you head down to the shops to try. You really want to get your moneys worth here; we’ve selected some of our favourite current styles below from Mr Porter.

leather biker jacketleather bomber jacketbilly reid jacket

schott bomber jacketbrenson bomber jacketoliver spencer jacket


Here at MFM we love personal style and we know how important it is to feel as good as you look. Fashion is an extension of your personality and you should feel confident and comfortable rocking your very own uniform of dress. We hope you enjoyed our feature on denim, tailoring and leather just three categories that could add a little but of charm and edge to your current wardrobe. Looking forward to Spring now, there will be lots of trends being flung in your direction. Go with your gut and remember good style is consistent style.