Teva SS14 Collection

For those of you guys who are of the adventurous kind, there’s a stylish collection from Teva that is simply just tailor made for the outdoors. Now we all know that flip flops and sandals can be quite a controversial choice of footwear in the mens fashion world, however despite what some may say, they are right on trend this season and can be seen all over fashion powerhouse’s runways.


Back in 1984, outdoor footwear changed forever when a young Grand Canyon river guide added an anke strap to his flip flops, furthermore creating the first ever sports sandal and Teva. It’s one of those brands that just seem effortlessly cool. Originally their sandals were built for utility but now they’re bang on trend! They celebrate their 30th anniversary this year with a collection that stays true to the brand’s heritage and outdoor spirit. They bring us a modern assembly of footwear which offers versatility in an array of vibrant colours,prints and patterns, assuring you look cool this summer as you set out on your adventures.

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The collection includes two unique styles, ‘the originals’ which are based around the same design as the first sports sandal, with a simple flip flop and ankle strap combo and secondly, ‘the universals’. This design is a bit more classic and includes multiple adjustment points. This is truly a label that takes pride in creating footwear built for the outdoors, and their durable yet simple concepts still exist today in this versatile spring/summer collection.

Prices start from £20, and you can view the full collection here.