Ageless fashion is here

Older gentlemen or silver foxes if you like, have serious style, and if you haven’t caught on, it’s time to show some reverence for your elders. In recent years, especially as we’ve transitioned beyond the streetwear era, it’s evident that rather than raiding your dad’s closet for inspiration, you’ve got to think cosy cardigans, shirts with pointed collars, high-waisted trousers, and sensible footwear—a mix-and-match game played with absolute freedom. It’s a genuine nonchalance, not just a contrived display, a natural finesse observed through the experienced, seasoned eyes of those who know style, as these garments elevate the simple act of lounging at home or reluctantly commuting to work into moments of understated luxury. 

As one matures, the stiffness of denim jackets and robust canvas gives way to comfort. Older guys understand this shift, gravitating towards quilted jackets like a Barbour classic, that is still surprisingly versatile, cardigans make for ideal layering pieces, they offer the comfort of a hoodie while maintaining a polished appearance. Amidst a wardrobe filled with timeless staples, let loose and embrace some playful freedom—indulge in a riot of scarves, plain sweatpants exude an unmatched sense of ease, a garment gracefully championed by grandparents. Warm, cosy, and stylish, wearing them confidently on the streets demands a certain audacity akin to mature and older style.

They’re polished yet effortless—leisurewear tailored for a different kind of leisure, embodying a delightfully carefree approach to dressing that veers away from the mundane uniformity of corporate attire toward a more refined, seasoned aesthetic—future heirlooms that your kin will eagerly inherit from your wardrobe..

What’s fueling this trend? Perhaps it’s a reaction to the millennial lifestyle’s defining characteristics, you may not possess a house or the material luxuries showered upon previous generations, but you can certainly dress the part, regardless of your tax bracket.

Emulating the head-to-toe look might seem daunting, but integrating elements of this aesthetic into your daily wardrobe is surprisingly simple. Invest in a few key pieces and wear them as if time is a luxury you’re in no rush to spend—perhaps heading to a meet up with friends or indulging in a night out if the mood strikes. However, steer clear if they gleam with newness, loafers, much like Converse or Vans, should be worn religiously until they transform into a realm of softness, comfort, and inherent style, resembling a pair of beloved slippers.Sneakers—the chunky 991 New Balances (anything from the 900 series will suffice) in their brown hue seamlessly complement the rest of your matured palette.

Embrace the timeless elegance of seasoned fashion, where comfort meets sophistication and effortless style reigns supreme.