Take A Bow Zara, Your Perfect Summer Fit

Summer stresses me out, the constant need to not overheat whilst also maintaining a certain level of style seems a concept to difficult for my brain to comprehend. I want desperately to look nonchalant and cool but I’ve never been able to fully pull it off, that was until I saw this look from Zara.

Whilst scrolling through their website one evening on the hunt for summer inspiration, I came across this fit that stopped me in my tracks, for me it perfectly sums up what a summer fit should be, slightly oversized whilst maintaining a tailored edge.

Let me tell you why this outfit is something we all be investing in and yes, I mean the whole outfit. First things first, the blazer is impeccable, just off white enough to make you look like your not making martinis in a James Bond film but light enough to make a statement. It works really well with blue trousers but would work equally as well with a pair of white trousers, leaving the sandals on of course. Losing the blazer doesn’t mean you’re left with half an outfit, it still works thanks to the pieces all fitting well, keeping the blazer on and replacing the trousers with a pair of tailored shorts makes for a brilliant outfit, turning traditional tailoring on its head.

So all told, this outfit not only hits every mark as it is, its Aldo versatile enough for pieces to be lost or traded for other pieces and still look just as good. This is the basis for what I feel will be your strong summer yet, sartorially speaking.

Written by Tom Loughran