T.M. Lewin: These Shirts Are The New Rules Of Office Dressing

Back to work, maybe back in the office, maybe still at home, but wherever you may be working, don’t lose your sense of sartorial style. So suits may not be the standard work attire anymore, but that doesn’t mean your professional; wardrobe needs to be boring. But what is business casual? The general rule of things suggest anything in that area is only a style killer if you let it determine the way you wear it.

The first thing to do, is bring some order to your shirts: see what colours, style and fabrics you need to upgrade, then you’ll know what you’re dealing with. A relaxed dress code should be easy but stylish to wear, conjure up your inner Italian style by investing in good quality shirts.

Embrace these three modern-guy office-to-home shirts and you’ll be dress-code compliant, and ready for whatever you’re cooking up after work, too.

So we’re going to check out three shirts, plain, check and floral. So firstly we’re going into the blue, it’s the safest colour to commit to in a monochromatic fit, as every guy will look good in  it, making matching hues a breeze. Checked shirts are perfectly acceptable within reason to any event. Quality material, long sleeves and keeping the checks small as the key, as not to overwhelm yourself with clashing of colours. Florals shouldn’t be just a spring-to-summer shirt, rather update your floral look based on their colours. A bright and lively print is great in summer, and florals with a darker tone is excellent for winter

The Navy Twill Shirt

This ultra-versatile button-down twill weave fitted dark navy twill button cuff shirt can be worn in more ways than you’d expect. It’s closely tailored through the chest and arms for a great contemporary fit, and if you’re in a rush this shirt is 100% cotton and easy iron finish. You can absolutely suit it up to give your formalwear a freaky luxe twist, but want to wear it casually to work as well, this more than any other shirt on this list can stand entirely on its own, and attention-grabbing fit all in one package.

Not every coloured shirt belongs in the business casual-compliant office, but the right one will go along way towards making your work wardrobe a little dressier, and take it to a weekend-ready shirt that earns it’s style stripes with a less is more approach.

The Check Shirt

Slim fit and bold in colours. This jaspe slim fit bold check navy brown shirt is 100% cotton, and comes in a classic poplin weave, for a smoother, lightweight, breathable fabric, which gives a modern texture effect. Check shirts can be worn in so many ways, smartened up under a jumper or jacket for a day at the office, and reach for a style in strong colours like this navy-brown check shirt. You’ll feel like a man in charge while still offering up that graphic punch that makes a check shirt so desirable in the first place. This shirt will give you the right fit for your size and colours that will suit you, you cannot go wrong with adding one of these shirts in your wardrobe.

So do not fear the check shirt. Anything you can wear with your flashiest sneakers, most rugged boots, best leather brogues and every jacket in your closet is something that belongs in your wardrobe.

The Floral Shirt

When it comes to being bold in a vibrant floral print shirt, every man may need to learn how to pull it off this edgy style. We have a great slim fit pink and aqua scatter floral print shirt that’s not too ostentatious but in a smaller floral print that will instantly capture attention. It’s perfect for home, work or bar, and a great addition to your wardrobe, whatever the month. With a neutral background and a scattering of pink, aqua and blue colours, and just as seasons change, so should your trousers. This shirt will look great in summer with white and neutral, like shorts or chinos, but it will do just as well in winter with dark jeans or tailored trousers. 

The shirt is 100% breathable cotton, which gives it that cool and crisp feel, (who wants to feel hot under the collar in summer!) A button-down collar and turn-back placket give this great little shirt a twist.

These shirts are the unsung heroes of your summer wardrobe.