Swimwear Shopping: The Man’s Guide to Style with a Splash

Fashion-savvy men know that a clothing piece isn’t only about function – style matters too. As a result, many of them opt for versatile swim shorts that are suitable for different occasions. Unlike regular trunks, they are made of materials that dry quickly and offer protection from the sun, but at the same time, they are also perfect for dinner – it’s a win-win! Hybrid trunks are great because they will make you look your best while also providing optimal comfort, allowing you to maximise your wardrobe potential. Read on to learn how to style swim shorts and turn heads.

Opt for a dressier top

If you want your trunks to look like typical shorts, it’s essential to style them the right way. That means choosing the right top, be it a classic polo or a button-up linen shirt. Polos pair incredibly well with tailored swim shorts for men, especially if you want to achieve a laid-back style. On the other hand, a tank top is suitable for a casual style that gives off that summer vibe. This garment piece is ideal for long days at the beach or pool.

Style them with a shirt

Speaking of casual wear, swim shorts look great when combined with an untucked shirt! Suppose you prefer to tuck; in that case, it is best to choose trunks that have a flat panel waist. But do you know what’s great about stylish swim shorts? They work with nearly any shirt of your choice, whether a graphic tee or a button-down shirt. Don’t underestimate the impact of a nice shirt – it will help you create an impressive outfit that will catch everyone’s eyes when you hit the resort bar!  

Choose the right footwear

Your style won’t be complete unless you consider footwear. It may not seem like it matters that much, but it does – take our word for it. That said, you should avoid slides or flip-flops – otherwise, your look will inevitably give a beachy vibe. Instead, consider opting for sneakers, loafers or boat shoes, as they are more appropriate when entering a bar or restaurant. Now, we know this isn’t easy, but who said being fashionable is a cakewalk? If you want to look good, you must put in the effort!

Don’t forget about accessories

Turning beachwear into everywhere-wear isn’t only about choosing the right footwear and top – accessories also play a huge role in achieving the desired look. Sure, sunglasses with waterproof straps are a staple in the waves, but you don’t want to wear them at a pool party. Hence, consider opting for a touch-dressier pair instead, such as aviators or wayfarers. For a stylish finishing touch, choose a cool baseball cap rather than sticking to your beach hat.

Remember to stay true to yourself

Ultimately, rocking your swim shorts style is about choosing clothing pieces that feel good for you. Going too far outside your comfort zone is not necessary. While you want to be stylish, that doesn’t mean you should wear something you don’t like. After all, clothing should reflect your style and personality. Luckily, there are many ways to wear swim shorts in a fashionable way, and we hope this blog will inspire you to create the best look.