Swedish talisman jewellery every man should own

Wearing jewellery is cooler than ever before, and why, because AWNL shows you how to learn the principles behind wearing bracelets for men without looking if you’ve tried too hard. If you’re a guy who’s never worn anything more than your watch, you’re already on your way to test drive a piece of man jewellery to adorn your wrists. And as we leave summer behind, adding some warm tones to your wardrobe accessories, and minimal or stand-out bracelets will complement your daily or evening style.

AWNL is based on a belief in Nordic mythology and the ability of material to hold power. An invocation system of rituals and energy, where spreading this energy was one of the main  reasons why the brand started. They have a passion for creating magic objects that nurtured the brand, Swedish Meteorite to rare crystals, from Tibetan hornbone to Mosasaurus tooth fossil. AWNL is redefining the modern jewellery design and picks only the finest materials in the world. 

Our pick for getting started is slim and has a matte effect that doesn’t scream bling, like this beautifully crafted Flatbead Bracelet with Tiger Eye, Onyx and Pyamid from AWNL. It’s simple but with a unique touch. 

Onyx, the stone that offers strength, promotes vigour and stamina, imparts self confidence – think this stone being highly beneficial in difficult times, but also stimulates the owner of wise decision making. If you’re looking for that protective stone then this bracelet carries that with theTiger eye, can give mental clarity, focussing the mind, assisting problems objectively and being unclouded by emotions and it should bring good luck when you wear it..

Sometime the simplest of styles have the more effect, like this flatbead bracelet that will equally compliment your casual to formal look, like having a repeating geometric style pattern that will add some serious jewellery style to everything from your simple t-shirt to your work day suit and become your best style buddy,

Wear your bracelet on the opposite wrist from your go-to-watch, or layered with a few other favourites from AWNL. Just remember that  just like the clothes you choose and wear, your bracelets will speak volumes about your preferences, we mean after all, the idea is to have fun and look stylish, experiment and when you feel good, it will reflect on who you are.

What’s important is that you have fun, try on a few, and see how it feels. Wearing this stunning, simple but with a modern touch bracelet will elevate your inner masculinity and personality. 

Buy Nordic mysterious modern jewellery online: AWNL