Superdry’s Refurbishment Service Now at Regent Street

Here, at MFM, we like it when brands do so much more than make great clothes. In modern times, there is more pressure than ever to create an immersive in-store experience, to offer and do more than they ever have, to satisfy the customers every need, even if it is not a need that the customer did not know they had. With that in mind, Superdry has gone a considerable way in doing all of these.

cheaney 2

Since 2012 the brand has been collaborating on footwear with master British shoemakers Joseph Cheaney & Sons.  Typically classic in their design, the shoes are traditional with a modern Superdry twist.

Sold online and in the Regent Street store each of the hand crafted pairs show incredible attention to detail and great quality. With proper care, these are shoes that will last a considerable time.

cheaney 3

To extend the life of your Cheaney shoes, you can now head to the store for a full refurbishment service. Hence the way that Superdry is way ahead of its rivals in offering great customer service. On arrival, the shoes will be carefully assessed and placed on original lasts.

cheaney 4

The soles and heels are removed, along with welts and insoles if necessary. The talented craftsmen will use their skill and care to literally rebuild the shoe as if new, using genuine components to reconstruct it to its original specifications.

cheaney 5

The whole process will take around six weeks to complete the full refurbishment, as the shoes will be undergoing a process almost identical to the one when they were originally made.

cheaney 6

The last step in the process is the addition of new leather or rubber soles which are fitted and stitched using traditional Goodyear welted processes or Veldtschoen construction where applicable and the heel is finally attached. Finally, your shoes are returned to you, quite literally, as good as new.